MDCAT Toppers List 2008-2023

MDCAT toppers may seem to be people not from this world, but is that true? Over the past years, we have interviewed some MDCAT toppers, and most had one thing in common: The passion to work hard for success.

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Ghazia Assar, the topper from last year, knows how to work hard and translate that into success. In this article, we will talk about these MDCAT toppers across time from 2008 to 2022. We will also discuss briefly how you can do better in MDCAT.

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The registration date for MDCAT is near, so it is important to motivate you guys with this article. Without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

MDCAT Toppers List 2008-2023

First of all, here is the list of the MDCAT toppers.

2022Ghazia Assar198/200
2021Anmol Qamar202/210
2020Muhammad Ehsan Arshad197/200
2019Abdul Hannan Rashid199/200
2018Usman Ahmed1082/1100
2017Kumail Ijaz and Muhammad Shoaib (TIED)1076/1100
2016Hafsa Rajput1075/1100
2015Noor-US-Sabah ahmad1076/1100
2014Ayesha Akhtar1076/1100
2013Mashood Iqbal1050/1100
2012Areeba Fatima 1060/1100
2011Hassaam Ghani1044/1100
2010Faisal Munir1054/1100
2009Hassan Omer1063/1100
2008Usama Ikhlaq1017/1100

So these were the best for MDCAT in their respective years. These students worked hard enough to make a name for themselves in history. We are talking about them right now, isn’t that right?

But how did they do it? Let’s talk about that.

How to prepare for MDCAT?

So, how did these toppers prepare themselves for the test? Here are some tips and tricks to score well on the entry test.

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Grab the concepts

So first of all, clear your concepts. The BISE is changing its test pattern to include 25-30% conceptual questions. If you do not understand basic things, you cannot prepare for MDCAT.

You can do this by understanding it using examples.

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Focus more – Less procrastination.

If you cannot focus, you cannot concentrate on your studies. You can use the Pomodoro technique to increase your focus and say goodbye to procrastination.

Dont waste time, PERIOD!

What a topper and you have in common since day one? It is time. So if you waste your time on useless activities, you will not be able to score well. So manage your time well.

Practice more

You should also practice past papers and guess papers. I recommend practising from A-levels books since it will help you grab the most concepts.


The path of MDCAT toppers demonstrates the value of hard work and devotion. From Ghazia Assar’s extraordinary accomplishments to the steady greatness of prior years’ toppers, their tales encourage us to exceed our limits and strive for success.

You may improve your chances of getting a top score on the MDCAT by understanding essential topics, managing time properly, remaining motivated, and practising regularly.

Allow their stories to guide you as you begin your MDCAT adventure. Remember that you, too, can achieve new heights of academic achievement with drive and effort.

Best wishes for your future endeavours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the topper of MDCAT 2023?

The topper for this year isn’t announced yet.

Who scored highest in MDCAT?

Ghazia scored the highest last year.

How many marks are there in the MDCAT 2023?

There are 200 marks in MDCAT 2023

What is the passing criteria of MDCAT 2023?

Passing criteria for MBBS is 55% and for BDS, it is 50%

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