Source: Board Result Date 2023 Announced

The time has come when our sources at BISE have given us some scoop regarding board results for 2023. As per our sources, all the Punjab boards will announce the results for the 9th class, 10th class, and 2nd year soon. In this article, you will get information regarding these results. We believe in providing some more on our website. This website will always give you some value. Hence, we will also tell you what you can do after the result.


9th Saturday, August 26, 2023
10th Monday, July 31, 2023
Fsc 2nd-year Saturday, September 23, 2023


So prepare to let go of some of your anxieties regarding your exam results. I mean, I know you are worried about your result.

Board Result Date 2023 [ANNOUNCED]

As you already know, the Punjab BISE is always meticulous regarding schedules. Unfortunately, the current pandemic put a dent in it for a while. But the fortunate thing is that the boards are back on track.

Hence, you can say that the result dates have become predictable again. That is why the boards have now started to discuss the announcement of the results when they will announce it, and further plans regarding supplementary exams.

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And this is where we got our scoop from. Our sources claim that the boards have decided on the months. Let me give you a little idea

  1. 9th class – August
  2. 10th class – July
  3. Fsc 2nd-year – September

The following sections will also reveal the dates and our humble suggestions regarding your plan.

9th class results 2023

The boards have decided to announce the 9th class results on 26 August 2023. Yes, you heard that right. I guess your anxieties have gone a little down. The thing is, we understand that this may be your first experience with BISE. Of course, you will be a little worried about your results. But the fact of the matter is, you have already done your part.

Once you have taken your exams, there is no use in being worried about your results. The only thing you should be worried about is your 10th-class exams.

Usually, the 10th-class exams start in the first week of March. This means that after this result comes out, you only have six months to prepare! You better start working hard for the 10th-class exams.

10th class results 2023

The boards will announce the 10th class results on 31 July 2023. Your worries should come down now that you have the results date. We understand that the 10th-class students will take their next most crucial step, starting college. And your 10th class results will decide which college you will get admission to. The best colleges only admit the best students and will also help you boost your scholarship chances.

All you can do right now is sort out your preferences for the colleges and also decide if you want to go for pre-medical or pre-engineering. This will be the defining moment of your career.

2nd-year results 2023

The boards will announce 2nd-year results on 23 September 2023. If you are an Fsc student waiting for your result, it is for sure that you are worried right now. And why you wouldn’t be? Your career depends on it.

If you are a pre-medical student, competition is stiff, and you wouldn’t want your grades to drop. The same is the case if you are a pre-engineering student. Even if you have more options, you want to get into the best engineering school.

Whatever happens, you have to move forward and plan. Apply to different universities as well. NEVER MISS OUT THESE OPPORTUNITIES.

Final words – Moving forward is essential.

Now that you know that your 9th-class, 10th-class, and 2nd-year results will be announced on 26 August, 31 July, and 23 September, respectively, it is time for you to plan. Whatever happened has happened. You cannot change your past. The past is written, and the ink is dry. All you can do is look forward and learn from your mistakes. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR RESULTS.

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