Punjab University (PU) Admissions 2024

PU has announced the merits lists schedule for new admissions in 1st semester and 5th semester.

Punjab University has announced admissions for various undergraduate degree programs. Students who want to join this prestigious university for undergraduate or postgraduate programs or want to join certain departments starting from the 5th semester can apply now. The last date to apply is 7 August 2024.

In this article, we will talk about the schedule and how you can apply. We will also discuss various degree programs or departments where you can apply for admissions.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it. If you don’t know how to apply or any other related information, do not worry; the Educator is here to the rescue!

Check: PU Merit Calculator Formula

PU MS and Postgraduate Admissions 2024

Now, Punjab University is inviting admissions for MS and postgraduate in different faculties. Here, we will tell you about the schedule and interview dates. So be ready.

Here is the admission schedule for the admissions in Masters or PhD.

Registration date23 January 2024
End date31 January 2024
Announcement of Test Results16.02.2024
Interview of successful candidates who qualified written test19.02.2024 to 20.02.2024
Display of General Merit List & 1st Merit List22.02.2024
• Last Date for depositing fee26.02.2024
Display of 2nd Merit List27.02-2024
• Last Date for depositing fee29.02.2024
Admission Closed01.03.2024
Commencement of Classes04-03-2024

Following are the dates for the interview

Name of FacultyMS / M.Phil. / M.Sc. (Engg/Hons) / equivalentPhDWritten Test
(Date & Time)
(9:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.)
(9:00 a.m.
12:00 a.m.)
(2:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.)
Art & HumanitiesFine Arts (Painting, Graphic Arts, Sculpture) 12.02.202419.02.2024
South Asian Studies 12.02.202419.02.2024
Graphic Design 12.02.202420.02.2024
Business, Economics and Administrative SciencesPublic Administration,  Health Administration 12.02.202419.02.2024
Business Administration (Gujranwala Campus) 13.02.202420.02.2024
Business Administration (IBA) 12.02.202420.02.2024
Chemical and Materials EngineeringMetallurgy & Material EngineeringChemical Engineering12.02.202419.02.2024
Polymer Technology, Textile Engineering,
Polymer Engineering
Polymer Technology13.02.202419.02.2024
EducationEducation 12.02.202420.02.2024
Electrical, Energy and Environmental EngineeringElectrical Engineering 12.02.202419.02.2024
Information and Media StudiesInformation ManagementInformation Management12.02.202419.02.2024
Life Sciences Biological Sciences (SBS)12.02.202419.02.2024
Oriental LearningPersian 12.02.202419.02.2024
Quality & Industrial Systems EngineeringSupply Chain Management 12.02.202419.02.2024
Science Mathematics13.02.202419.02.2024
High Energy PhysicsHigher Energy Physics12.02.202419.02.2024
Solid State Physics, Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics, Nanotechnology (CSSP) 13.02.202419.02.2024,

PU BS Admissions schedule

So, here is the schedule for the PU admissions.

Start date10 July 2024
End date7 August 2024
PU Admissions schedule

As you can see, you do not have much time for this. The deadline is 7 August. You may ask yourself, 10 July to 7 August is a lot of time? But it is not.

You may want to prepare some documents or arrange other things. So if you start early and register as soon as possible, you will save yourself from a lot of stress.

1st merit list

Date of announcement (regular)15 August 2024
Last date of fee submission17 August 2024
Date of the announcement (self)18 August 2024
Last date of fee submission23 August 2024

2nd merit list

Date of the announcement (regular)18 August 2024
Last date of fee submission23 August 2024
Date of the announcement (self)24 August 2024
Last date of fee submission28 August 2024

3rd merit list

Date of the announcement (regular)24 August 2024
Last date of fee submission28 August 2024
Date of the announcement (self)29 August 2024
Last date of fee submission31 August 202

Start of classes

For regular admissions11 September
For self-finance admissions18 September

How to apply?

So how do you apply to the Punjab University? The application process is simple. Here are the details.

  • Take PU’s entry test. Here are the details for it:
  • Now that you have taken the test, you have to register online.
  • Sign up on the web portal and fill in all the details correctly.
  • If you are applying to 5th-semester classes, you can apply based on the latest results.
  • After filling out the admission form, pay and upload the challan form.
  • The entry test will have a weightage of 25%

You read the instructions; now, there is no longer an excuse to wait. Apply now and ensure your admission to PU.

Departments where students can apply

There are a lot of departments where PU has announced these admissions. If you have trouble selecting a degree because you do not know about it, let me give you a small tour.

Punjab University (PU) Admissions 2024

Also, I will tell you which department is offering admissions for the 5th semester.

Arts and Humanities

If you are interested in learning about history, philosophy, and other subjects that have been the fundamentals of our civil society, this is the department for you. Subjects like Pakistan studies, archaeology, and other languages will greatly benefit you in preparation for CSS and PMS.

Departments1st Semester1st Sem
5th  Semester 5th sem
Department of Archaeology67.20 % –53.23% –
Institute of English StudiesScience: 92.58%
Arts: 81.66%
Science: 88.48%
Arts: 67.86%
Department of French Language & Literature45.28% ––  –
Department of History & Pakistan
Pakistan Studies:
marks 1072.70
Pakistan Studies:
marks 866.80
marks 742.15 –
Department of Philosophy52.62% –52.18% –
Department of  Sports Science
s & Physical Education
66.37 %59.00%61.00 %48.57 %
College of Art & DesignFine Arts: 81.391%
Graphics Arts: 68.545%
Graphics Design: 75.474% Textile Design: 75.618 %
B. Architecture: 69.08 % Musicology: 66.21% Sculpture: 51.164% Textile Design: 76.429%
Graphics Arts: 54.942%
Graphics Design: 50.091%
Sculpture: 50.827%
Fine Arts: .54.176% –

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Man is a social animal, and knowledge about society and how it works will help you in many ways. Subjects like IR, Psychology, Criminology, and political science are a few of the many that come under this domain.

Deparmtnet1st SemDepartment5th Sem5th Sem
Department of Political Science86.00%Intl. Relation:84.17%Political Sc: 68.00%Intl. Relations:  67.00%
Department of Social Work71.38%54.87%54.77 % –
Institute of Social & Cultural StudiesSociology: 80.03%
Public Health: 76.22% Criminology:76.00%
Demography:50.97% Nutrition &  Dietetics: 90.37% Work Place Health Promotion:65.33%
Sociology:.75.22% Public Health: 55.33% Criminology:.57.00%
Nutrition & Dietitics:83.69%
Sociology: .63.00%Sociology: 50.00%
Criminology Security Studies: 55.00%
Department of Gender Studies63.00 %55.00 %55.00 % –
Institute of Applied  Psychology85.87%74.39%67.71%57.49%
Centre for Clinical Psychology91.97%87.25% – –

Information and media studies

It is the age of media and information. If you know how to play with these, you are the boss. You can see how the information can be spread and be a boss in the narrative building. Why do you think media houses like CNN or BBC are so important? If you are interested, apply here.

Department1st Sem 1st Sem
5th sem5th sem
Department of Development CommunicationMedia and Development Communication:72.00%Media and Development Communication:55.00% – –
Department of Digital MediaDigital Media and
Communication: 79.35%
Digital Media and
 – –
Department of Communication &
Media Research
Studies: 79.06%
Department of Public Relations
and Advertising
66.66%55.00% – –
Institute of Information
74.15 %57.53 %63.81 %47.95 %


The systems of this world are functional because people are making money. How are people or countries making money? Through commerce. If you are interested in a banking career, this is your field.

Department1st Sem1st Sem
5th sem5th sem
Hailey College of Commerce(BS Commerce:
I.Com: 83.49%
F.Sc./ F.A: 77.98%)
Accounting & Finance:82.86%
Accounting & Taxation:66.86%
(BS Commerce: I.Com: 73.91% F.Sc./ F.A: 64.89% )
Accounting & Finance:67.91%
E-commerce:53.94% Accounting & Taxation:44.59%
B.Com (ADC): 76.65%B.Com (ADC): 62.35%
Hailey College of Banking & FinanceBBA (Hons.): 78.98% –BBA (2 Years): 63.32%BBA (2 Years): 54.04%

Business, Economics, and Administrative sciences

The explanation is the same as when we discussed commerce. But now, the angle to see the subject matter is different. It has more of an administrative ring to it. So if you see yourself in a manager position, go for these degrees.

Dept1st sem1st sem
5th sem5th sem
School of Economics76.87 % Business
Economics: 60.20 %
61.51 %
49.46 %
 – –
Institute of Administrative
Management: 80.98%66.84%Management: 60.68%Management: 50.68%
Institute of Business Administration88.59%81.93% – –
Institute of Business &
Information Technology
BBIT:  86.726%81.949 % – –

Electrical, Energy, and Environmental Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with electrical equipment. With the progress in computers and software, the scope of this subject has become vast. As far as energy is concerned, it is a global issue and will never run out of need or demand. We are also facing the issue of climate change, so industries will always need environmental engineers.

Dept1st sem1st sem
5th sem
Institute of Electrical, Electronic & Computer
Electrical Eng.: 66.052% – –
Institute of Energy & Environmental EngineeringEnergy Engineering:45.636% According to the Punjab University Basic Admission FormulaEnergy Engineering:50.632% According to the Punjab University Basic Admission FormulaEnergy & Environmental Engineering 49.10% According to the Punjab University Basic Admission

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Everything is made of something; if you are curious about these materials, this field is for you. Industries often hire these engineers to ensure the best performance and R&D.

Colleges/ Institute/ Centers/ DepartmentB.Sc./B.S. (Hons.) 1st Semester MorningB.Sc. (Hons.) 1st
Semester Evening/ Replica/ Self Support
B.S. (Hons.) 5th Semester MorningB.S. (Hons.) 5th Semester Evening/
Replica/ Self Support
1.Institute of Chemical Engineering & TechnologyChemical Engineering: 66.914%46.118 % – –
Chemical Engineering with Specialization
(Petroleum & Gas Tech.) 63.859%
48.143% – –
2.Institute of Metallurgy &
Material Engineering
45.26%43.73% – –

Quality and Industrial systems Engineering

Industrial and systems engineers use analytics and critical decision-making skills to maximize intricate procedures, networks, investments, and organizations across almost all industries.

Dept1st sem
Department of Industrial
Engineering & Management


This is an ever-growing field. Pakistan is a country where you will need a lot of education experts to make our education system on par with international standards.

Department1st sem1st sem
5th sem5th sem
Institute of Special Education  62.6300%49.67%
Institute of Education & Research
Education Elementary73.10%57.39%Education Elementary: 61.57%44.36%
Education Secondary72.55 %57.00 %61.75%52.17 %
Education Islamic58.08 %42.04%48.35 % –
Education Science72.00 %48.00 %50.00 % –
Business Education75.72 %63.25 %a) B.A/B.Sc.: 68.13 %
b) B.Com: 56.36 %
50.89 %
50.30 %
Technology Education56.43 %43.798 %51.83 % –
Educational Research &
54.84 %46.65 %44.63 % –
English (Applied Linguistics)84.62 %72.74 %B.A With English Literature: 41.95 %
B.A General Group: 51.43 %
48.37 %
Early Childhood Education61.75%42.39 %54.70 % –
B.Ed (1.5) – – –40.00%

Islamic Studies

Islam is a way of life for all Muslims all around the world. It is the ultimate truth, and if you want to study more about this truth, this department is made for you. The faculty has top scholars who will help you get the best education.

Dept1st sem1st sem
5th sem
Institute of Islamic StudiesSpecialization Hadith & Uloom ul Hadith:
 marks 578.54
Sheikh Zayed Islamic CentreBoys:60.00%
Girls: 65.75%
Girls: 55.00%
Boys:53.03 %
Girls: 60.66%

Life Sciences

Knowledge about biology is the key to understanding life or how life works. So if you want to learn the complex mechanisms of living beings, join this faculty.

Dept1st sem1st sem
5th sem5th sem
Institute of Botany85.720 %78.520 %75.402 %55.629 %
Institute of Microbiology &
Molecular Genetics
90.750% – – –
Institute of Zoology86.41%62.68%70.06%53.76%
School of Biochemistry &
 –Biochemistry:59.00 % –


DepartmentLLB (05 years) Annual System Morning
University Law College
* Entry test for LLB (05 years) is mandatory
Group A 90.89 % Group B 87.45%

Agricultural Sciences

Pakistan is an agricultural country, so it is no rocket science that agricultural sciences will always be an in-demand skill. Especially after we run out of natural gas, the price of fertilizers will increase the price of crops 12 times.

In those times, agriculture will become a booming business for capitalists, and agricultural scientists will become rich.

Dept1st semester
Institute of Agriculture
Department of Food Sciences89.08%

Oriental Learning

Oriental studies is the academic discipline that examines communities and cultures in the Near and Far East, as well as languages, peoples, history, and archaeology. In recent years, the discipline has frequently been renamed Middle Eastern studies or Asian studies.

Department1st sem5th sem
Department of Arabic41.71 %55.99%
Department of Kashmir Studies43.49 %49.10%
Department of Persian58.00%61.00%
Institute of Punjabi and Cultural
Institute of Urdu Language & LiteratureUrdu
Advance: 43.47% Other
Language: 73.70%
As Urdu Elective:  53.82% As other Language Elective:  52.53%
Urdu optional:43.58%


If you want to learn how basic things work, this department is for you. Also, the education department is always in need of such graduates.

Dept1st Sem1st sem
5th sem5th sem
Department of Mathematics88.83 %69.90%72.39 %53.21 %
Department of Physics86.28%60.76 %Open Merit:  78.48%
PU Graduates:74.39%
Department of Space Science71.10%65.50%  
Centre for High Energy Physics
(Computational Physics)
75.53%52.45%PU Graduate: 61.91%
Open Merit: 63.56%
PU Graduate: 56.42%
College of Statistical & Actuarial SciencesStatistics: 72.421 %
Biostatistics: 47.067%
Statistics: 54.740 %Statistics: 56.378%Statistics: 51.503 %
School of Chemistry91.08 %88.00 %75.00 %54.00 %


Geoscience is about much more than rocks and volcanoes; it is about the mechanisms that generate and shape the Earth’s surface, the resources of nature that we consume, and how water and ecosystems interact.

Dept1st Sem1st sem
5th sem5th sem
College of Earth & Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Sc: 84.97% Hydrology & Water Resources Management:52.22% Tourism & Hospitality Management:58.11%69.93%
51.15 %
HWRM: 51.04 %
Tourism & Hospitality Management 54.67 %
53.02 %
Institute of GeologyApplied
Geology: 43.26%
Centre for Geographical Information System (CIGS)68.81%43.43%49.99%23.34%
Centre for Integrated Mountain
Disaster Management:
Department of Geography71.87%41.83%57.02% 

Computing and IT

Computer science generally relates to designing and constructing computers and computer applications. Information technology, on the other hand, relates to the upkeep and troubleshooting of computers and associated networks, systems, and data.

Department1st sem1st sem
Software Engineering91.30% –
Computer Science92.04% –
Information Technology90.76% –
Data Sciences90.47%89.25%

Gujranwala Campus

Gujranwala campus has also announced the admissions for different programs. You can check them out in the advertisement we have provided in this article.

Dept1st sem1st sem self5th sem5th sem self
Department of Business AdministrationBBA (Hons.): 73.02%BBA:42.14%  
Department of Banking &
BBA (B&F): 69.51 %BBA (B&F): 53.09%  
BS (Accounting & Finance)BS (A & F) 64.49%39.81%  
Department of CommerceBS Commerce 50.17%
(Non-Commerce): 39.61%
BS Commerce: 43.27%
Non-Commerce: 58.91%
B.Com PU: 45.45%
B.Com Open Merit : 53.81%
B.Com PU: 52.48%
B.Com Open Merit : 47.98%
Department of InformationBS CS: 87.56 %   
TechnologyBS IT: 84.78 %
Department of EnglishBS English Humanities:   
BS English Sciences:83.07 %
Department of Law
* Entry test for LLB (05 years) is mandatory
LLB (05 Years): 85.18%78.47 %  

Jehlum Campus

Jehlum campus has announced admissions in Business and administration, MS English, and CS degrees.

Dept1st Sem1st sem self
Department of Computer ScienceBS CS:76.31  
Department of Business
BBA :62.45% 
Department of EnglishEnglish (F.Sc.): 68.09 %
English FA:41.79 %
Department of CommerceCommerce: 53.63%
Non-Commerce: 36.86%
Accounting & Finance55.57%40.72%
Department of Law
* Entry test for LLB (05 years) is mandatory
LLB (05 years): 63.07%LLB (05 years):63.87%
ManagementBSM: 58.01%41.57%


Pharmacy is one of the most prestigious programs at PU. You can say that they have been pioneers of this profession in Pakistan.

Colleges/ Institute/ Centers/ DepartmentPharm-D MorningPharm-D Evening/ Replica/Self Support
Punjab University College of
Pharmacy (5 Years Program)
93.86 %94.11 %


Admissions for undergraduate degree programs at Punjab University are currently available, with various interesting student prospects. Punjab University offers a lively academic atmosphere backed by distinguished staff and contemporary facilities, with various departments and degree programs.

Keep in mind that the last date to apply is 7 August 2024

Punjab University admissions advertisement

Don’t pass up this opportunity to further your educational and professional ambitions. Submit your application by the deadline to begin a rewarding adventure at Punjab University. Your future begins here. Apply today to realize your full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last date for Panjab University admission 2024?

The last date to apply is 7 August 2024

Is Punjab University admission open 2024?

The admissions in PU are now OPEN.

How can I apply for PU Lahore?

Sign up on the web portal, pay the challan fee, and submit the documents. Do not forget to take their entry tests.

How much is the entry test fee for PU?

The test fee is 1500 PKR

What is the rank of Punjab University?

PU ranks number 4 in Pakistan.

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