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NUMS Papers 2023 PDF

Do you want to score better next year than everyone else in the NUMS MDCAT? Download the past papers in PDF format and prepare using them.

NUMS gives MDCAT each year to students who want to pursue MBBS and BDS in all the affiliated medical institutes. Remember that it is separate from MDCAT provided by UHS or PMDC. Hence, the system is different for this test. If you want to download these past papers, this is the place where you can get them. And these past papers are free of cost, so don’t worry about the money.

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Download NUMS past papers.

The past papers are now in PDF format. Gone are those days when you had to buy hard copies from the photocopy or book shops. Now, download these past papers free of cost and save the environment by reducing paper use. That is called killing two birds with one stone. But how will we use the past papers, and what exactly is the benefit of preparing these exam papers from the past?

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Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. First, download the past papers using our link and start your success journey.

Benefits of using past papers for preparation

So, what are the benefits of using the past papers? After all, NUMS changes its questions each year. Or does it? That is the catch: NUMS repeats some questions each year. That is the first benefit of preparing from these past papers.

The next benefit is getting a hang of what the paper setters think. Understanding the psychology of paper setters is just like knowing what they will ask in the exam. This is the best cheat code for success in any exam. If you study using these past papers, you will know what questions these people ask.

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Another advantage you can have is that you can understand the paper pattern in a better way. Have you heard the human brain processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than text? This means you will have a better understanding if you see how NUMS sets the paper.

Now that you know how past papers can elevate your preparation, let’s see how you can use them.

How to use past papers effectively?

There is a way you can maximize your potential using past papers. We all know that NUMS gives you limited time to attempt the paper. Also, it is an MCQ-based exam with questions of varied difficulty levels.

The catch: how to prepare for it all?

You should attempt the past papers in the limited time set by the NUMS. This way, you can prepare a strategy for the exam paper.

Also, there is a high chance you will see some of these questions again in the exam. This means you will easily tackle them during the test. MORE TIME FOR YOU.


NUMS is an important test if you want to do an MBBS from an army-affiliated college. This is a chance for you to become part of a system that is the best in this country. Are you ready to play your role in the best healthcare systems in Pakistan? Prepare for NUMS and become a doctor from an army medical college. And you can get closer to it by preparing using past papers.

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