When will PMDC announce MDCAT result 2023?

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) recently held the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) 2023, an important test for prospective medical and dental students nationwide.

This test, held under the watchful eye of the PMDC, is critical in determining the academic fate of thousands of young brains.

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The most pressing issue on the minds of countless students when the MDCAT 2023 dust settles and the test rooms empty is, “When will PMDC reveal the MDCAT 2023 result?”

This question, resonating in educational institutions’ hallways and students’ hearts, is about to be answered. PMDC may announce the result on 15 September 2023

The news doesn’t end here.

Concerning the MDCAT 2023, the PMDC has taken a principled stance. The council ruled against rerunning the MDCAT 2023 due to various problems, including using forbidden Bluetooth devices during the examination.

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Instead, it has opted to impose severe penalties on individuals who are detected seeking to obtain an unfair edge. Individuals found guilty of employing such unlawful gadgets will be barred from taking MDCAT examinations in the future.

Finally, the wait for the PMDC MDCAT 2023 results is almost over. As the clock approaches September 15, students may be proud of their devotion and hard work.

Regardless of the outcome, this exam is a critical step in their educational journey. The outcomes will soon disclose the future routes that will shape the lives of countless young brains across Pakistan.

Here are some important stats and figures regarding this year’s MDCAT.

Test centerTest centre
Pakistan (National Centers)180,151
International (Dubai, UAE)185
International (Sandia Arabia, KSA)197

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