PMDC: MDCAT 2023 Delayed

PMDC has delayed the MDCAT 2023 test date till 10 September 2023. Previously, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council was giving the entry test on 27 August 2023. But after the protests by MDCAT aspirants and fresh candidates, they postponed the test till 10 September. Now, students have two more weeks to study for the test.

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Students showed their outrage as most of the fresh candidates were still waiting for their Fsc results. If you look at the merit formula, Fsc counts as 40% when calculating merit percentage. Students claimed that they are still taking their practical exams during the final days of August. And, they are still unaware of their intermediate marks. Hence, the test should be rescheduled to a later date.

Earlier, PMDC had announced that they are not going to change the MDCAT date. But now, the senator has broken the news that the test has been rescheduled to 10 September 2023. Now, the students have ample time to prepare for the test.

Reaction of students

Students were not happy with the way PMDC was treating them. They wanted the organization to have some empathy for them as they were suffering from mental health issues due to all the stress.

They raised their voice and were expecting PMDC to do something about it. But PMDC wasn’t accommodating the students before.

After a huge social media campaign, common sense prevailed. Now, the test has been rescheduled to 10 September 2023.

What is the students’ reaction? Let’s have a look.

Look at this student. She has posted evidence that students have been getting extra time to prepare for the test. But they have to take the test in August.

Students are giving credit to the Senator as well. Here is one of the many tweets.

One of the students thing that this time is not enough. But I beg to differ.

Parting thoughts

Whatever the case may be, this is a great opportunity for you to prepare for the exams some more. This is the time you have to spend on your students. Savour every second of it. Do not waste even a single millisecond on anything irrelevant. This sort of thing never happened before. So make it count.

We wish you the best of luck.

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