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2nd Year Past Papers 2023 FBISE

The 12th-class students can download the Federal Board past papers to prepare for their final term exams. It is essential that you know the significance of these past papers. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform well this year. So if you want to become a board topper this time, read this article and prepare using our tips and tricks.

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Are you ready to elevate your academic performance to the next level? If you are, continue scrolling.

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Why 2nd year students should download past papers?

Why should 2nd year students from the federal board download these past papers? Well, the stakes are high, my friend. If you are not ready to elevate your preparation to the next level, you cannot compete with the other students. This time, you will be preparing for the universities. And students from all over the country will be a part of this. So, you better get good grades and stand ahead of them all.

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Once you have the past papers, you can study their questions. The federal board might be the most demanding educational board in the country, but even they give away tips and tricks to score well. And the biggest cheat code is the past papers.

Students are advised to use these past papers in the later stages of their preparation. Without a solid foundation, your claws will have no sharpness. So, study hard for now.

Success story – Meet Mohammad Shakir

Let’s meet Mohammad Shakir. He is a shining student from a reputable institute in the country. We will not disclose his university or contact information for personal privacy concerns.

Shakir spoke to TheEducator and shared his insights regarding using past papers for preparation. Surprisingly, he has been following us since the start of 2021!

I was a good student. Most of my academic career, I have been a shining student. I will not deny any of that. But, the thing that helped me the most during the later stages of my preparation was the past papers. I studied them for each subject, solved them within the time-limit, and got good strategy for te FBISE exams. Whenver I used to be in the exam hall, I knew what to expect. I solved every paper with ease and got more than 990 marks in Federal board exams. I advise all the students to do this.

Mohammad Shakir while attending an expo in Lahore


Now that you have seen how vital these things are for your preparation, you should jump in. Forget about the competitiveness of MDCAT or any other entry test. Getting admission to a university is very hard. So, you need to up your game and get good grades. This is the survival of the fittest. Call it a rat race or whatever. It is what it is.

We wish you the best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the FBISE exam 2024?
The authorities have yet to decide on the date. But this year, the exams were conducted on 25 May
What are the passing marks in FBISE 2023?
The passing marks are 440/1100
How can I check my matric result in FBISE 2023?
You can check your FBISE Matric result by going to the website, navigating to the results section, selecting your class, and putting your roll number in the search bar.
What is the new marking scheme for Fbise?
FBISE has decided to eliminate the marks. Now, they will declare the grades.
How do you recheck a paper on FBISE?
You can apply for rechecking by visiting the board office in Islamabad.

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