Past Papers For PPSC Educators Jobs Test

You were looking for Educators Test Past papers  PDF with answer key, then you are at the right place. Here TheEducator.pk shares full past papers of educators for all scales. You can use these sample papers for practice as well as check and match your performance.

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Here I will give you all sample papers in PDF for all Scales like BPS-9, BPS-14, BPS-16, and AEO. Hopefully, you can prepare these tests easily by our guidelines and your hard work.

  • NTS Sample Papers for BPS-9th
  • NTS Sample Papers for BPS-14th
  • NTS Sample Papers for AEO
  • NTS Sample Papers for BPS-16th

NTS Sample Papers For BPS-9th

educators past papers download

The Elementry School Educator bps-9th scale will consist of two categories

  • Science
  • Arts

The ESE Sample Paper contains these subjects Urdu, Islamiyat, English, SST, Current affairs, Everyday Science, Pedagogy, etc.

Here are some nts past papers solved available in pdf, you can download them here

  1. ESE Sample Paper
  2. ESE Paper
  3. Sample paper with answer
  4. English MCQs for NTS
  5. Ese paper
  6. ESE Preparation Book PDF
  7. ESE G.K Past Papers
  8. ESE Islamiayt Sample Papers-PDF
  9. ESE Sample Papers PDF Free Download
  10. Sample Papers For ESE PDF

NTS Past Papers For BPS-14th

The Secondary Elementry School Education ( SESE ) will be the 14th scale job, it will require Graduation, it also contains different categories, here also both Science and Arts will be applying for this post.

  • SESE Science
  • SESE Arabic
  • SESE English
  • SESE Math

If you can download full past papers of nts educator BPS-14th scale, then this platform will be best.

  1. NTS past paper solved
  2. SESE PET Past Paper
  3. SESE DVM Sample Paper 
  4. SESE Arts Past papers with answer
  5. SESE Science Sample papers 
  6. SESE Arabic Past Papers Free Download
  7. SESE DVM Past Papers PDF
  8. SESE Arts Past Papers In PDF Free Download
  9. SESE General Knowledge MCQs PDF
  10. SESE Past Papers In PDF 

NTS Sample Papers For AEO

AEO is the officer like a job, Aeo means Assistant Education Officer, he will not teach, just visit different schools and give a report to the deputy education officer. The minimum qualification for this post will be a Master’s in a science subject. You can prepare for this test with the help of reading the books of intermediate ( 1 &11 part ). And also different past papers will be available for nts preparation.

  1. Nts test
  2. Nts sample paper AEO
  3. NTS MCQs
  4. Nts past papers AEO
  5. AEO solved papers
  6. NTS Sample Solved Papers
  7. AEO Subject Sample Papers In PDF
  8. AEO Book(Sample papers )By Pervaiz Iqbal In PDF
  9. AEO General knowledge Past Papers PDF
  10. Past Papers Solved For AEO PDF

NTS Sample Paper for SSE( BPS-16th)

The Secondary  School Education (SSE ) Secondary School Teacher ( SST ) is the senior teacher and has a scale of BPS-16. The minimum qualification of this SST job will be a Master’s in any subject. Here also both Arts, Science, and computer science will be applying for this post. You will need all the FSc books with all subjects to read carefully. Here NTS past papers solved are available and all of you prepare this Post-test easily attempt.

aeo past papers pdfaeo past papers pdf

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  1. SSE Past Paper Pdf
  2. SSE NTS Preparation
  3. SSE CS NTS Test
  4. SSE NTS English MCQs
  5. NTS Past Paper Solved
  6. SSE Past Papers In PDF Free Download
  7. SSE Computer Past Papers In PDF
  8. Chemistry Data In PDF 
  9. SSE Math MCQs In PDF
  10. SSE English MCQs In PDF Download

All nts past papers of educators’ jobs are in pdf format above, you click and download these above nts previous papers. Here this place is very helpful for all of you for preparation nts test.

Hopefully, If you read this article, then you will able to know what types of nts educators test what is criteria and how it’s prepared. NTS Sample papers will be available here for all categories of tests. If any questions, suggestions, or confusion then comment or message us.

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