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Multan Board 12th Class 2nd Annual Date Sheet 2023

Multan board has recently announced the 12th and 11th class date sheets for the 2nd annual exams. As you already know, the policy for Supplementary exams has changed. Now, the students can pass their 1st year and 2nd year compared to the 12 class results. This was done to ensure the students do not discontinue their education if they fail some subjects.

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The 12th class 2nd annual exams will start on 20 October 2023, while the 11th class supplementary exams will start on 1 November 2023. For those students who want to repeat and clear their practical exams, the practical second annual exam will start on 14 November 2023.

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Continue reading to check the date sheet.

Multan board 12th class date sheet [2nd annual exams]

The exams for the morning session will start at 8:30 a.m. But the students should reach the paper center before 8 a.m. For the evening group, the exams will start at 1:30 p.m. But the students are advised to reach the center half hour before the exams. Also, during Jumma, the paper for the evening session will start at 2:30 PM.

Morning session

20 October 2023Psychology
21 October 2023Chemistry
23 October 2023English compulsory
24 October 2023Sociology
25 October 2023Physics
Outlines of Home Economics
26 October 2023Urdu Compulsory
Pakistani Culture
27 October 2023Punjabi
Urdu Advanced
English Elective
28 October 2023Islamic Studies (humanities group)
30 October 2023Maths
31 October 2023Pakistan Studies compulsory

Evening session

20 October 2023History (Pakistan: 1747-1973)
History of Islam (Abbasids of Baghdad)
History of Islam (Muslims of Spain)
Commercial Geography
21 October 2023Statistics
Fine Arts
23 October 2023English compulsory
24 October 2023Computer Science
Food and Nutrition
25 October 2023Geography
26 October 2023Philosophy
27 October 2023Economics
Computer Studies (commerce group)
28 October 2023Library Science
Principles of Accounting
30 October 2023Maths
Child Development and Family Living
Health and Physical Education
31 October 2023Education
Applied Arts
Business Statistics

1st year Date sheet for Second Annual exams

Here is the date sheet for 1st year subjects


1 November 2023Islamic studies (Humanities group)
2 November 2023English (Compulsory)
3 November 2023Sociology
4 November 2023Physics
Outlines of Home Economics
6 November 2023Psychology
7 November 2023Psychology
8 November 2023Urdu Compulsory
Pakistani Culture
10 November 2023Maths
11 November 2023Punjabi
Urdu Advanced
English Elective
13 November 2023Islamic Education (Compulsory)


1 November 2023Library Science
Principles of Accounting
2 November 2023English Compulsory
3 November 2023Computer Sciences
4 November 2023Geography
Chemistry (Home economics group)
6 November 2023History of Pakistan (1857-1947)
History of Islam
Principles of economics
7 November 2023Statistics
Fine Arts
8 November 2023Philosophy
Biology (Home Economics Group)
10 November 2023Clothing and textile (Home Economics group)
Health and Physical Education
11 November 2023Economics
Principles of commerce
Home Management
13 November 2023Education
Business Mathematics

Schedule for Practical Second Annual Examinations 2023

Physics14 November 2023
15 November 2023
16 November 2023
Chemistry20 November 2023
21 November 2023
22 November 2023
Biology17 November 2023
18 November 2023
Statistics18 November 2023
Computer Science17 November 2023
18 November 2023
Computer Studies (commerce group)14 November 2023
Health and Physical Education14 November 2023
15 November 2023
Geography (old/new)16 November 2023
LIbrary Science15 November 2023
Outlines of Home Economics22 November 2023
Psychology17 November 2023
Fine Arts (Design)14 November 2023
Fine Arts (Drawing and painting)14 November 2023
Fine Arts (Exhibition of work)14 November 2023

Here’s the schedule for practical exams of the Home Economics group

Biology part 114 November 2023
Chemistry part 115 November 2023
Home Management Part 116 November 2023
Clothing and Textile part 117 November 2023
Applied arts part 218 November 2023
Food and nutrition part 220 November 2023
Child development and Family living part 221 November 2023


This was the schedule. We did our part. Now it is your job to prepare for the exams. It is okay if you failed in the first part or couldn’t get the score you wanted. The past is not equal to the future. You have to work harder this time to improve your marks and progress in your academic journey. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that you will do good in your second annual exams

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