Schools getting closed due to Conjunctivitis

BREAKING – In the recent meeting among the competent authorities, they decided that all the public and private sector schools will remain closed starting on 28 September 2023. They will remain closed till 1 October 2023. They also decided in the meeting that the schools will reopen on 2 October 2023 and will follow all the SOPs to stop the spread of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye disease.

Closing date28 September 2023
Closed till1 October 2023
Opening date2 October 2023

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The schools are doing this to stop the spread of viral disease – Conjunctivitis. But what is this disease, and how does it affect people? Commonly referred to as Pink Eye disease, it causes eye irritation and pain. It is an infection in the eye and can be because of bacteria or viruses. The current epidemic is due to a virus, the Adenovirus.

This viral infection’s symptoms include eye irritation, water discharge, and photophobia. It can spread from one eye to another eye as well, and it is highly contagious. It means that this disease can spread quickly.

If you have contracted this disease, you should immediately contact your doctor for further treatment. Also, avoid pressing your eyes. To decrease the discomfort, use cold compress.

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