PU updates the age criteria – Good news for LLB aspirants

The Punjab University Lahore has updated the age limit for students who want to be admitted to the LLB program. Previously, the age limit was 24. But now, they have updated the age limit. Students who wish to be admitted to LLB must undergo many procedures. For example, they have to take LAT or Law Admission Test to study LLB. But, if you are over 24 years of age, it’s over for you. But not anymore. If you are interested to know the new criteria, then keep reading.

PU updates the age criteria – Good news for LLB aspirants

As we told you, the age limit used to be 24, but now, THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT. Yes, you got it right. There is no age limit if you want to study law at PU’s law department. Take LAT, get a good score and apply to the university.

Following are the details about the 5-year LLB degree (annual)

IntermediateAt least 55%

Final words

This is an excellent opportunity for you. The age limit is gone. If you are interested in Law degree, then Quaid e Azam Law College is the place to be. Take LAT, and apply now.

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