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Mobile app for matric and intermediate students

Mohsin Naqvi, Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister, has introduced a new mobile app for matriculation and intermediate students in Lahore. This program lets students view their scores, certificates, and other relevant papers online. The chief minister presented the app during an appearance to the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Lahore.

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This app provides various services, including checking results and certifying certificates, all sent to students’ front doors. Another intriguing statement was the intention to develop a unified app for all school boards. This implies that students may access services from many boards using the same app, making things easier.

How does this app work?

The chief minister launched the software by simply pressing a button. He even tested it out on his phone. The program assists with procedures such as paying fees, validating degrees, and obtaining necessary certifications. The chief minister saw how effortlessly the app operated, particularly when giving duplicate or triple degrees. The goal is to reduce red tape and make things easier for students.

What are the benefits of this app?

Mr. Naqvi stated that this approach will save students time and effort by eliminating the physical requirement to visit board headquarters. The chief minister discussed the difficulties students experience, such as standing in long queues at banks. This software addresses these issues by making transactions and documentation easier. Mr. Naqvi wants to spread this app to the other eight Punjab school boards. This way, more students may enjoy the ease of digital services.

Final words

The new mobile app for matric and intermediate students significantly upgrades Punjab’s education services. This app demonstrates a dedication to quality education in the digital age by stressing clarity, convenience, and efficient processes. As it extends to incorporate more school boards, it promises to simplify the educational process for many kids in the region.

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