Gujarat board matric toppers 2024

The Gujarat board has announced the matric toppers for the year 2024. BISE gave the exams in April; the results are coming out on 31 July 2024. But as the tradition is in the Punjab boards, this board has announced its position holders in the news before 31 July. This is done to ensure the students and the boards get the publicity.

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In this article, we will discuss these toppers, and something will also be different. We will also discuss whether or not the boards should announce these toppers. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

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10th class Toppers of Gujarat board 2023
10th class Toppers of Gujarat board 2023

Gujarat board toppers [SSC-II]

We will not take too much time in the jibber jabber; here is the result.

1Huma Rubnawaz1096
2Ali Hassan1094
3Sahab Aftab1093
3Khubaib Ahmad Cheema1093
3Fizza Habib1093
Gujarat board toppers [SSC-II]

So the topper scored 1096 marks! Can you believe it? I cannot. Some of our team members did their enrollment back in 2013 and would only joke about scoring this many marks in those days.


Should the boards announce the toppers?

Let’s come to the next topic, should the boards announce their position holders? First, see what the boards intend to do with this activity.

  • Promoting their reputation
  • Inspiring the students.

These are good things as far as the students are concerned. But the other parties involved may have malicious intent as well. Let me tell you how.

  • Academies and schools use these students for advertisement.
  • They showcase that they had all the hands behind this student’s success
  • Sometimes, multiple academies use the same student’s name.

So what happens? They exploit the emotions of parents and their kids to get maximum admission to their colleges or academies. Then, they charge a maximum fee and use tactics like “fear of missing out.”

This is all under the pretext of “You kid will score as high as these students.”

Can a student score this much? Yes. But can an academy ensure things like these? NO. That is why many parents and lawyers have been trying to opt for the legal route to try to stop this years-old tradition.

I will leave the judgment to you guys, whether good or bad. Comment below and tell us what you think. Also, turn on the notifications to get all the updates regarding jobs, admissions, exams, and results.

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