Punjab Officially Announces Dates for Annual Matric Exams [REVISED]

You heard it right, Punjab has officially announced the matric exams schedule. Matric exams will start on 1 March 2024. But we did a story earlier this year that Punjab boards made a similar announcement. So what is new this time? Now, the authorities have revised the schedule. Students get some more time to send registrations for the exams.

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Do not waste your time. This is it! You can save yourself from spending your money on the double fee. Send the registrations with the normal fee. In this article, we will talk about the revised schedule and dates. You can prepare the necessary documents according to the dates we will present in the revised schedule.

Revised Schedule for Submission of admission fee 2023

As we have told you before, the schedule for submitting the fee has been revised. Now, you get some extra time to submit the admission fee. But remember that the 10th class exams will start on the same date. SSC exams 2024 will start on 1 March 2024. But as far as the registration schedule is concerned, you can follow the following schedule now.

The following is the registration schedule for the Matric Exams 2024. Keep in mind that all the students should register themselves for the exams as per this schedule.

Starting date15 November 2023
Last date with a single fee12 December 2023
Last date with a double fee26 December 2023
Last date with a triple fee3 January 2024

See details for fee structure

For Regular Candidates

Detail9th Class10th Class9th and 10th combine
Science Group7007001400
Arts group with Practical7007001400
Arts group without practical6506501300
Processing Fee530530530
Original certificate fee———-70070
Scholarship fee808080
Development fund200200200
Sports fee100100100

For Private Candidates

Detail9th Class10th Class9th and 10th combine
Science Group7507501500
Arts group with Practical7507501500
Arts group without practical7007001400
Processing Fee 395395
Original certificate fee———-550550
Details9th class10th class9th and 10th combined
scholarship fee808080
Development fund200200200
Sports fee100100100

How is it helpful?

How is it helpful? Well, there may be a lot of students who could not send their admissions on time. The Punjab board committee is very thoughtful about these things. They must have taken the feedback that students are facing certain issues. That is why many students may have fallen short of sending the admissions on time. But this is good news. You get some extra time to send the admissions with the normal fee. No need to worry about money at all. The boards don’t want your money; they want education for all the students in Pakistan, regardless of their backgrounds.

This delay may be due to the following reasons.

  • Students couldn’t prepare their documents.
  • They were busy with their studies and couldn’t notice the scheduled dates.
  • Most students couldn’t submit the double or triple fees.
  • Applicants may be hesitant to send admissions


Students can send their admissions with normal fees until 25 January 2023. But do not leave everything till the last day. Apply beforehand. Prepare your documents. It would help if you did not let go of this chance. The boards have been considerate and decided to give you some extra time. Students should use this opportunity and send the admissions on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When will the exams start in 2023?

Exams will start on 1 March 2024

When is the last date for SSC exam registration?

The last date to apply is 25 January. But after that, you can send your admissions. But you will have to pay an extra fee.

Can I send my documents after the last date?

Yes, you can. But you will have to pay the double or triple fee if you send them after 26 December or 3 January respectively.

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