ISSB Preparation Book 2023 {Recommended Booklet}

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Content covered:

  • Editor’s Corner
  • Let’s Start
  • Introduction to the Defence Forces
  • From Selection to Promotion
  • Selection Process
  • What is ISSB Test?
  • Test Yourself by Self-Assessment Test


Are you a young man who dreams to join the armed forces of Pakistan as a commissioned officer? If yes, you do need a proper ISSB preparation book that gives a comprehensive guide to joining the Pakistan army or other forces. The ISSB preparation book contains information about the online test. This test is an initial test also called a screening test that filters only suitable candidates for the ISSB.  The inter-service selection board (also known as the inter-services selection board) conducts ISSB exams twice a year.

The ISSB preparation book further explains the ISSB test format and procedure from selection to promotion of Pakistan’s armed forces. It helps the candidates to know all the requirements of ISSB. Further, it contains a wide range of self-assessment tests that help in the preparation of ISSB. Another advantage of the ISSB preparation book is that it provides lots of details regarding physical exercises and makes one aware of the standards that he or she needs before they appear in the ISSB exam. All these elements of such books are necessary for a cadet to know because a lack of knowledge never ensures success rather it always deteriorates the entire career.

Below are the table of contents that the ISSB preparation book and other such books contain. Through these contents of the ISSB test preparation book, you can come to know all that is exactly required for the ISSB exam to join Pakistan army. Let’s get into them one by one and understand each part of the book comprehensively.


  1. Editor’s Corner
  2. Let’s Start
  3. Introduction to the Defence Forces
  4. From Selection to Promotion
  5. Selection Process
  6. What is ISSB Test?
  7. Test Yourself by Self-Assessment Test

Editor’s Corner

This section of the ISSB preparation book teaches candidates about the book. It provides a short and precise overview of the entire ISSB preparation book. It further aims to tell how candidates can use this book. The author provides a mechanism that stays useful and helpful during the study of the book. It makes your entire ISSB test preparation easy and lets you release all sorts of tensions and earlier worries.

This portion may not seem important to most of the students but it shows the psyche of the author. Once you understand the psyche of the author, you would, then, easily understand each part of the book better than those who have ignored it.

Let’s Start

Well, as the title explains its meaning itself, the portion provides you with the most useful tips that you need first of all to make your success ensured. Of course, no one can ever pass a kind of strange exam on which he lacks information. even, lots of candidates fail intelligence tests/ intelligence tests. Therefore, you do need useful and accurate tips that give a bright face to your efforts.

This portion of the ISSB preparation books also guides you about the joining procedure of the armed forces as a commissioned officer. It tells the basic requirements and educational qualifications that one has to ensure before he or she appears in the ISSB tests (physical, intelligence tests and interviews etc.). Thus, it will help you complete the prerequisites before you start ISSB preparation through the ISSB test preparation book.

Introduction to the Defence Forces

This portion of the ISSB test preparation book aims to explain the criteria of different graduate programs for being officers in the Pak army. For example, it shows how IT, law media, management educator graduates, and other professionals and specialists can make their entries into the army, navy, and air force. It helps you recognize the field that best suits your educational background before you start ISSB job preparations. later, you can prepare for the ISSB tests (intelligence test/ intelligence tests and other tests). The portion of the ISSB test preparation book also provides contacts of defense forces selection centers (Pak Army, Pak Navy, and Pak Air force) for initial selection.

From Selection to Promotion

Once you know that you are eligible and you have a strong will to join the armed forces of Pakistan as a commissioned officer through the ISSB test or ISSB tests, you then need to know the entire selection procedure before you start ISSB job preparations. This portion of the ISSB test preparation book aims to feed details to desiring candidates about the initial test of ISSB. It explains various ways that a candidate needs to know.

Moreover, it provides a detailed portion of ISSB test or ISSB tests and interviews. Through this guide, you would be able to know the best tips for passing the exams and interviews. Indeed, this is the most essential part of the ISSB test preparation book that contributes to knowing ISSB test format.

Later in the portion, you can come to know about the final selection procedure of ISSB test/ ISSB tests and the preparation of the merit list. Now once you know these things, you must be aware of the training and academies of Pakistan’s armed forces. The portion about the ISSB test or ISSB tests entertains its readers with this information too. You will also get information and a guide about honors and awards and recipients of Nishan-e-Haider.

Selection Process

Alright, you now have enough information about the ISSB online test and, ISSB tests and their interviews. You need to know some tips and techniques for preliminary selection, ISSB tests, Interviews, pilot aptitude tests (PAF ISSB test), medical information, and merit list to pass. The portion provides you with the mechanism that makes your selection more ensured in the ISSB test. You only need to do one thing here. You have to go through each topic of this portion thoroughly and prepare the tests accordingly the ISSB test preparation books.

What is ISSB test?

This portion of the book gives a broadened view of the entire ISSB tests. It describes the main aim and objectives of the ISSB exam that they want candidates to possess in themselves. It also provides a detailed overview of the historical background of ISSB tests like intelligence test etc, ISSB test format, courses of tests, analysis of candidates, interviews and frequently asked questions in the interviews, present setup, and selection system. All this information is enough to train one mentally and physically for the ISSB exam. In fact, the armed forces want their candidates to ensure leadership qualities in themselves.

Test Yourself by Self-Assessment Tests

Last but not least, the ISSB preparation book contains mock exams or self-assessment tests that play a vital role in the preparation for the ISSB test format for the actual exam at the inter-service selection board. It helps candidates get the most essential ideas that let them qualify easily for the post to join the Pakistan armed forces. intelligence tests will help you prepare for verbal intelligence test and non-verbal intelligence test in the actual exam. You can assess yourself daily or weekly to upgrade your preparation level every second day. These tests show the real face of the actual exam.

To conclude, the ISSB preparation book/ISSB book is the most important need for the aspirants who want to join the Pak army or other armed forces of Pakistan as commissioned officers. The ISSB books help them know the basic and advanced requirements of ISSB, online test, intelligence tests, etc, and let the candidates prepare without any obstacles. Later, the mock test sections of the book give aspirants an idea of how well they are prepared for the exam especially for intelligence tests because most of them don’t succeed to join the Pakistan armed forces due to it.


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