How To Prepare SSE Educators Test (BPS-16)

Here giving you more  information about the latest educator jobs 2021, like SSE-Post

  • Information About SSE-Test
  • Criteria of AEO-Test
  • Syllabus of AEO-Test
  • How to Prepare
  • Sample Paper

Information About SSE-Test

nts test for teaching jobs

First of all, you needed to know about SSE, what is SSE? And which Category of Teachers? And Whats Scale It?  SSE is a Secondary School Education Teacher having BPS-16th. SSE is also called SST(Senior School Teacher).

The Teacher of this Scale will be the Senior teacher of the High School. In the educator field, this POST will be the highest post. And its Pay also will be more roundabout RS-40,000 in starting and other allowances also.

SSE-Teachers have a specialist Teacher means Subject specialist like Math, Chemistry, Physic, English, Urdu, SST, Arabic, etc…In Punjab, most jobs come about educators field because of the Govt. trying best to make a good education system.

As you know next month educators’ jobs will be coming to almost 74 thousand, So SSE Jobs will be more and its highest merit. The Test of this SST-post will be very tough, so you need more hardworking this getting job.

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Criteria Of SSE-Test

nts educator test syllabusThe Master Degree will be compulsory for applying  SSE-Test Both Arts & Science students will be applying for this post.B.ed will be necessary for all educator jobs including this. The merit criteria  will be given below

  • Interview ( 05 )
  • Professional Qualification ( 05 )
  • Academic Qualification ( matric=13, Intermidiate=15, Bachlor=15, master=15)  ====> Total=58 according to last year policy 2018
  • Local residents ( 12 )
  • Test ( 20 )

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Syllabus of Educators SSE Test

The latest educator’s jobs consist of SSE-Test. The syllabus of SSE for both Arts and Science will be explained below

  •  Syllabus for Science
  •  Syllabus for Arts
  •  Syllabus for Computer Science

SSE Pattern For  Science( Up to Higher secondary level )


Subjects                                                                 Marks

1.    Math                                                                     15

2    Chemistry                                                            15

3.    Physic                                                                  15

4.   Biology                                                                15

5.    English                                                                10

6.   Islamiat/SST                                                       10

7.   Computer Science                                             10

8.  Current affairs/G.K                                             10

SSE Pattern For  Arts( Up to Higher secondary level )


Subjects                                                                 Marks

1.    Urdu                                                                    30

2    English                                                                30

3.    Islamiat                                                              10

4.   Social Study                                                        10

5.    Computer Science                                            10

6.  Current affairs/G.K                                             10

SSE Pattern For Computer  Science( Up to Higher secondary level )


Subjects                                                                 Marks

1.    Urdu                                                                    15

2    English                                                                 15

3.    Islamiat/SST                                                      10

4.   Computer Science( Master-level)                30

5.    Computer Science                                            20

6.  Current affairs/G.K                                           10

How to Prepare SSE-Test

If you want this educator test will be passed with good marks, then you need more attention and hardworking, which means you properly and regularly read out the intermediate all subjects books, Also you have a good expert in your specialist subject.

This means if your specialist subject is Math, then you have full command of Math, similarly, if you are a chemistry specialist, then u have a fine command of chemistry subject. And similarly, this will happen also for Arts like this.

You study all subject-course books even you are a specialist or not according to the new policy of the Punjab Govt. Then you also learn from the internet, social networks, and online websites for preparation tests and subjects are available.

But you have needed more concentration on Books-reading. You can also buy educators’ jobs books like Bhatti brothers book, Ilmi’s book, Dogars publisher. But more focus on your Punjab textbook of Intermediate. And you are an expert in your master-level subject.

Sample Paper

There are the following papers given here below, as a sample paper or subject-like in pdf format, you can download from it and learn it, hope it will be beneficial for you.

  1. SSE- Arts sample paper
  2. SSE-Science Paper
  3. SSE-Computer Science
  4. General knowledge

S0, hopefully, this article ”How To Prepare SSE Educators Test” will be helping you to understand SSE-Test according to the latest policy of educators. All information will be present in this article about SSE-Test preparation.

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If any questions/confusion/suggestions/ideas, then give us and contact us or comment on us, our team members respond to you in 24 hours.

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