What to do after matric: Options for science students

Matric students have seen their results on 31 July 2023. We saw some phenomenal results this time as well. Well done! This is what we expect from you. Now, many students are confused about what they have to do after their enrollment.

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Today, we will discuss different options the science students have after the 10th class results. This will be a great informational article, so read it and share it with your friends. Who knows, maybe this will clear their minds, and they will be able to make a decision.

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What to do after matric?

So, what to do after the 10th class exams? This is a burning question that teases a lot of students. After reading this article, hopefully, your questions will be answered, and you can choose a field.

This article will specifically target science students since they are always in a hurry due to fast schedules and scholarship opportunities.

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Options for science students

What options do the science students have in the intermediate? After completing your matric, you must choose one of the following groups.

Pre-medicalPhysics, Chemistry, Biology.
Pre-engineeringPhysics, Chemistry, Maths.
ICSPhysics, Maths, Computer Science.
Options for science students

You need to let go of some subjects in the intermediate. Mostly, it is either biology or maths. But now, the students get confused with the ICS group too.

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Let us briefly introduce each group and possible prospects once you choose a career pathway.


These students have to choose biology over maths. This means that no maths in Fsc. But what are the prospects? As the name suggests, these students can choose a medical profession predominantly. Other than these, a student can go for general sciences as well. But the main motive behind choosing pre-medical is to enter the medical field.

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Let’s discuss the main degrees one by one.


Students can take MDCAT to get admission to a medical college and do MBBS. After your MBBS, you can practice as a general physician and do further studies in any specialized area of the body. The annual salaries and business prospects are a lot. But the satisfaction and respect are great.

Become a doctor after matric


Those students who are interested in becoming dentists should enter this field. Right now, few professionals are working in this area, and there is a huge demand for dentists in hospitals and private settings.

Become a dentist after pre-medical


This is a great opportunity if you are interested in medicines and want to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Most universities will want you to take MDCAT as admission criteria.

Students can work with starting salaries of 25000 PKR, but it can go as high as 700000 PKR depending on your experience and skills.

Become a pharmacist after matric and intermediate

You also get a license to practice pharmacy in your community pharmacy setup, which means it is a great business opportunity. A retail pharmacy can earn from 3 to 5 lac if you work hard on it consistently for 1-2 years.


After the 2005 earthquakes, the health ministry saw they were in dire need of physiotherapists. But, there was a lack of professionals in this area. Hence, they started facilitating DPT a lot. It is a respectable job with practically no competition. You can set up your clinic as well.

Do DPT after matric and Fsc


Most people do not understand the hidden potential of DVM. You become a doctor of veterinary medicine with expertise in animal health sciences and nutrition. A DVM can practice in his or her clinic, and the area of expertise is huge. Some veterinarians charge as much as 12 thousand PKR for a simple diagnosis.

How to do DVM after matric and inter


Some students go for BS in Nursing as well. Nurses have great respect in hospitals and are the backbone of our healthcare system in Pakistan and foreign countries. Nursing is the highest-paid profession in the USA.

Become a nurse after matric


There are a lot of diseases where the patients need specific diets. Or, a patient may need certain nutrients in specific amounts. This is where the HND comes into play. The field is booming, and its importance will skyrocket one day.

Do HND after inter


Now, it is time for the pre-engineering students. You have to let go of biology in this group. Most of the students who are interested in the mechanics and core mechanisms of how things work go in this field. You can choose from many options since Pakistan has many engineering degrees.

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Let’s discuss some here.

Do pre-engineering after matric

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers create, develop, test, and oversee the production of electrical devices such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, and power generation gear. The electrical engineers are also responsible for the design of vehicle and aircraft electrical components.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers design power-related machinery, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, steam turbines, and gas turbines. They also create machines that consume power, such as refrigeration and air conditioning systems.InsertRephrase

Civil engineering

Civil engineers plan and develop large transportation projects. They plan, design, and oversee the development and upkeep of buildings and facilities.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers are responsible for the development and design of chemical production processes. Using chemistry, physics, and engineering concepts, they create equipment and procedures for manufacturing goods such as fuel, detergents, and paper.


This is the era of computers, and those who run the computers will run the world. The Examples of top billionaires worldwide should be sufficient for you, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

Do ICS after matric results

You can choose the following fields after doing CS. But the ICS students can go for other engineering as well. To know more about this, read the following article: Source: ICS students eligible for all engineering programs now.


A computer scientist is a technology professional who uses a variety of computer programs and technologies to help businesses achieve their goals. They use their expertise and abilities to tackle challenging issues and generate digital innovation.

In recent years, freelancers in this field have brought hundreds of millions of dollars to Pakistan.

Software engineering

Software engineers are in charge of creating and implementing efficient software solutions to fulfill the needs of their clients.


Our job was to educate you about different fields in the market. Now, deciding what you want to do after matriculation is up to you. We know it is a huge decision, but you have to ask yourself what you want to do.

But, if you feel like you want to jump ships, it is fine as well. But whatever it is, do what you want rather than doing what some uncle told you to do. This will give you more satisfaction in life.

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