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Top Universities In Pakistan 2022 Ranking

Here in this, I will do Post on the most important topic that will be the top Universities In Pakistan according to the rank wise that will be recognized from HEC.

I will discuss all categories one by one that will be related to the top universities in Pakistan because of the top institute is a very key factor of your making career in the future.

Studying at good University/College is one of the key factors for making successful and Professional Carrer, so this point will be very important for the students to reach their Potential degrees and Universities.


As there are many factors that will be involved in the ranking criteria of any university or college, but 4 points will be the key factors to judgment for the best institute.


The main factor that will be very important that will be quality of the teaching, it means that how many Ph.D. and Post Doctorate Teachers will be teaching in any institute if many Ph.D. staff then that institute will be the best.

For Example, one university having many good Ph.D. and Doctorate Teaching staff and other University having just Mphil Staff, then who’s university will be best, absolutely Those whose many Ph.D. staff.


This factor included research labs, research opportunity, and library. The quality assurance accounts for 15 out of 100 ranking points.


This key factor refers to the strong financial structure of the university. From looking at University labs, libraries, building and facilities, because it has 10 ranking points.


This key point refers to the General community and international students exchange programs, foreign faculty and foreign students. It has a ranking point of 4% for the development of the community.


  • Top Engineering University
  • Top Medical Universities/Colleges
  • Top Arts University
  • Top Agriculture Universities
  • Top General Universities


  1. NUST

National University Of Science And Technolgy  (NUST ) is the best university in Pakistan that was established in 1991. It has been contributed in the top 50 universities of the world.

NUST offers many various Programmes that students can be adopted and done their degrees like business management, social science, bioscience, Natural science, and Engineering.

NUST has been very famous for two engineering programs like Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, it has also offered many other programs.

     2.  PIEAS 

Pakistan Institute Of Engineering And Applied Sciences ( PIEAS ) was established in 1967, this will be 2nd best university of Pakistan. And this University offered Electrical and Mechanical departments, also it has offered Science, Math, and Technology, and also it has to do Nuclear Study.

    3.    GIKI 

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute ( GIKI ) of Engineering Science And Technology established in 1993. It has offered many engineering programs in management science and humanities. It was located in Topi area of Swabi in KPK.

     4.   UET

The University Of Engineering And Technology ( UET ) is Govt.niversity fonded in 1921. UET mani campus established in Lahore. It has been only for engineering students. UET has a good reputation for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

This University offers many undergraduate and postgraduate like architectural designs and in industrial.


  1.  Agha Khan University

The Agha Khan University ( AKU ) is one o the best medical university for students. This was founded in 1983 in Karachi that will be the main campus, it’s others campus situated in other cities.

This AKU University offers several medicines program like  MBBS, ASDH, BScN & BSnM.

      2.   UHS

University Of Health And Science ( UHS ) is the best medical university and top 2nd best university of Pakistan, it was located in Lahore. TThis University offered UG and PG Courses in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Allied Health Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Nursing fields.

     3.    DUHS

DOW University Of Health And Science ( DUHS ) was established in 1945 in Karachi, Dow university has two undergraduate research centers in Pakistan for medical studies.

  • DOW International Medical College
  • DOW Medical College

Dow Universities also offers communication courses that’s why students can better communicate with their parents.

4.      KMU 

Khyber Medical University ( KMU ) is the best medical institute in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, The university operates several undergraduate and postgraduate medical colleges in KPK.

This KMU University Offers many various medical courses like BDS, MBBS, Pharmacy, and Nursing. It has more than 6000 students currently studying under its banner.

5.     KEMU

King Edward Medical University ( KEMU ) Is the oldest medical university in Pakistan, also a 4th oldest institute of Asia. This University was established in 1860 in Lahore.

The institute offers courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels and has multiple hospitals affiliated with it for student research. In Punjab highest merit to get selected for this university.

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  1.    NCA

The National College Of Arts ( NCA ) is the Second oldest art school in South Asia, and this university has been recognized from HEC. There will be following programs that will be offered from this university like design, fine art, and architecture.

2.    Indus Valley 

The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture is the best degree award institute in Pakistan, this university offers multiple programs like design, arts, architecture, communication design, liberal arts.

3.   KSA

Karachi School of Art ( KSA ) was the first private instruction is founded by Rabia Zuberi in 1964. This University has been offered mostly in arts and designing fields.

4.    SADA

The School of Art, Design, and Artitecher ( SADA ) has developed in 2010 from the NUST University, this will be separate depart of this university. It offers many arts-related programs like designing and architecture.

5.   BNU

The Beaconhouse National University ( BNU ) is the best university for the art students that established in 2003, this university offers arts, visual design, liberal arts, designing, architecture, architecture, and computer information technology.


1.      UAF

The Univesity of Agricul Faisalabad ( UAF ) is the best institute for agriculture and veterinary sciences in Pakistan and this university is based on agriculture landscape.

2.      UVAS

The University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences ( UVAS ) is the leading university established by Great Britain. This university has both parts like the agriculture side and also animal side.

3.     AUP

The Agriculture University, Peshawar ( AUP ) is the research institute in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa established in 1981, and this university is the best for agriculture science, the university attained the status of an autonomous university.

4.     SAU

The Sindh Agriculture University ( SAU ) was established in 1977, there will be 5 faculty programs

  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences
  • Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
  • Faculty of Crop Production
  • Faculty of Crop Protection

5.   PMAS Arid Agriculture University

This Arid Agriculture University was established in 1994, that was the agriculture and science college in 1970. The Scientific infrastructure for teaching and research for the development of dryland regions of the country.


  1.       QAU

Quai’s E Azam University ( QAU ) is the top ranking university that will be held in 1967, it is a public research university. Quaid-e-Azam University offers different courses that Contain Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Medical Sciences.

2.      COMSATS

The COMSATS is the Institute of Information Technology that established in 1998, and it is situated in Islamabad. There are more six campuses in different cities of Pakistan. And this University Offers Computer Science and management sciences

3.        PU 

The University Of Punjab ( PU ) was founded in 1882 and situated in Lahore that will be the main campuses and it has several campuses in other cities. This University offered engineering and design to arts, science and information technology.

4.     UOK

The University Of Karachi ( UOK ) was founded in 1951, that will be situated in Karachi. The University of Karachi has developed a good reputation in the medical field, science and technology studies, and social sciences.

5.    UOL

From the name mentioned (UOL ) is the University Of Lahore that was held in 1999, the main compass located in Lahore, but others five compasses that will be recognized from HEC. It offers courses in Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences.

Hopefully, this article will be very helpful for the fresh students and especially those whose recently done their intermediate level, so any confusion or question then asked here.

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