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Sahiwal 11th Class Result 2022 Check Online

If you are here to know when BISE will announce the Sahiwal 11th class result, then you are in the right place. Board authorities have confirmed that they will announce Sahilwal 11th class results on the 29th of October 2022. Right now, the exams are being checked. It is an extensive process. It takes time to compile results and then enter the entire date in the database. So, we will advise you to be patient until then. But it is a good thing that BISE Sahiwal has announced a date. Now you can plan further. You can plan your 12th class exam preparation and focus on entry test preparation too.

We understand that you are worried about the result date. But it is going to be announced on the 29th of October, and worrying about it is not going to achieve anything. All you can do is wait patiently until the result date. In this article, we will discuss the result date and further details. If you do not know how to check your result, then we will also guide you on that matter. All you have to do is read this blog carefully. We will try to cover all the topics that concern this issue. We will also talk about when the board will announce the toppers’ results.

So, let’s talk  about it further in detail

When will BISE Sahiwal announce 11th class result in 2022?

When exam season begins, they think of two things. And those two things are the exam date and the result date. Yes, this is the moment when you will find out how many marks you have earned. But that’s perfectly acceptable. Students study tirelessly day and night to lay a solid basis for their career opportunities. Hence, it is natural to get worried. We want to tell you that BISE Sahiwal will announce the results on the 29th of October 2022. They announced it on their official website. You can expect the result to be announced at 11 am. It may get announced earlier. But it is all up to chance. We just want to tell you that you will get it by 11 am confirmed.

You took the test by June 2022. But BISE Sahiwal will announce the results in late October. This is because it takes time to check the papers. Paper checkers are given special instructions to take care of when they are evaluating your answers. They also have to write the reasons for their evaluation.

For example, if they have granted you 4/6 marks in some questions, then they have to provide a reason for this marking. Now just imagine repeating this process again and again for a large number of answer sheets.

Of course, this takes time. But you should also think about it positively. This is how much BISE takes care when they are checking the papers. This means there is a minimum chance of any error. In the past, there used to be a lot of injustice when it came to paper checking. But now the situation is improving. Scoring 1030+ marks is not a big deal if you put in some effort.  So, just wait for the result date.

When will the Sahiwal board announce the toppers’ results?

Sahiwal board will announce the results of toppers a day before. It means that they will announce this result on the 28th of October 2022. They will also announce it in the media. You will also notice that the board will also arrange a ceremony and tour for them. They do this for toppers to encourage education in the general public.

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How to check the Sahiwal board 11th class result 2022?

There are different ways you can check your results. We are going to talk about that in this section of the blog. So basically, there are three different ways you can check your result. These areas following

  1. Check 11th class result online by roll number
  2. 11th class result check by SMS
  3. Check 11th class result 2022 by gazette

These are three different ways you can check your result. Each method has its own merits and demerits. It all depends on your situation. In a different situation, you may want to go for a different method. It all depends on your choice. You will understand it better when you will read the article.

And this is what it is intended to be. A guide for everyone, whether you are a student or a parent. Or you may want to look up the result for your grandchild. This article caters to everyone. You may want to skip this section of the blog if you already know about it. All you have to do is you should either have a smartphone and access to the internet, a phone that you can use to send SMS, or a PC.

Check 11th class result online by roll number

You can check your result online. This is the most useful thing you can do now. It has many advantages over other methods. So definitely we will prefer you to use this method. You can just follow the simple instructions provided below to check your result online. Make sure you have the roll number when you are doing it

  1. Go to the Sahiwal board website
  2. Type your roll number in the search bar
  3. Click the search button
  4. Your result will appear

Now, let’s talk about its merits and demerits. We will repeat this process with the other two methods as well.


This method has a lot of advantages over other methods. First of all, you can check your detailed marks. You will have an idea of how you did in different subjects. Now, you will be able to plan for further improvements in 2nd-year exams and entry tests.

You can also apply for rechecking if you are not satisfied with the result of a particular subject. This is a massive help since students it simplified the rechecking process

The detailed marks sheet may also help you get scholarships in academies for entry test preparation. I got some percentage off because I had a document to show at the office. The policies may have changed but still, you can try it.


The only disadvantage is that the website may go down. This is because when a large number of students try to open a website at once, this huge amount of traffic may slow down the website. So be patient when this happens. There is no need to panic at all. Just wait and keep trying.

Check 1st-year result by SMS

You can also check the result via SMS. This is helpful when you do not have internet access or you do not have a smartphone but a normal cellphone. You just have to follow these simple steps to get your result by SMS

  • Open your phone’s messenger app
  • Type your roll number
  • Send on the number given by your relevant board
  • Wait for a reply


This is advantageous when you are in an area where there is no access to high-speed internet. As we have discussed before, the website may slow down. And on top of that, if you have slow internet, then it will be almost impossible to check the result. But you will get an SMS reply if you follow the steps above.


This SMS may cost you money. So if you do not have some money in your prepaid sim, then this will not work. Also, it may take some time to get a reply. You can only check one result at a time with this method.

Another disadvantage is that you will not be able to see the detailed marks.

Check Fsc 1st-year result by gazette

You can also check results this way. This is a classic. All you have to do is get a gazette file somehow and you will be able to check your result. For the people who don’t know, a gazette is a file that is a compilation of the results of all the students on the board. When you have the file, follow these instructions to check your 11th class result:

  1. Open the gazette file
  2. Press CTRL+F
  3. Type your roll number
  4. Press ENTER key
  5. Your result will be displayed

Advantages & Disadvantages:

If you are a teacher, then this is the preferred method for you. Not only you will get the results of your entire class in a single file, but also you can compare it with other people. So this is a plus for you.

The downside to this is that you will not be able to check detailed marks. This is important if you want to see how they scored in your subject.


In this article, we discussed when BISE Sahiwal will announce the result. They will announce the result on 29 October 2022. Until then, you have to wait. The better thing to do is to focus on your 12th class preparation and also, your MDCAT or ECAT preparation. Buy helping material for MDCAT or ECAT from now and start preparing. Also, there are different ways that you can use to check the results, we also talked about them in detail if you are interested in that. There are different options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I check my result?

You can check your result in the following ways:

  1. Online by roll number
  2. Check result by SMS
  3. Result by Gazette

At what time BISE Sahiwal will announce the result?

You will get your result by 11 AM.

Where will BISE announce the result?

BISE will announce the result on their website. You can also get it by SMS

Where can I get the gazette?

You can download it from BISE Sahiwal’s official website. Or you can also get it from us

When will the 1st-year result come out?

The result will be announced on 29 October 2022.

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