Will UHS reconduct MDCAT 2024?

UHS conducted MDCAT on 10 September 2024. The original date was 27 August, but PMDC rescheduled it to 10 September. However, the students are unhappy as there are accounts of cheating and unfair means during MDCAT this year. Students are furious, and they want UHS to reconduct MDCAT. The real question is, will UHS reconduct the test?

After the MDCAT was conducted on the mentioned date, students had mixed reactions to the test. Some said it was too easy, while most stated it was difficult. It was because UHS made the biology section difficult. Remember that UHS has always set the difficulty level for Biology quite low. And this subject makes up for the majority of the paper.

However, a new scandal has started. Students have pointed out that certain individuals have used unfair means to get good marks on the entry test. One student topped MDCAT and ECAT at the same time. This is unheard of, and claims like these strengthen students’ suspicions.

Some students also came up with proofs on the social media platforms.

Students have also claimed that UHS released an answer key with many mistakes. But when they contacted UHS regarding this issue, they said the answer key was correct, and students must accept it.

Lawyers such as Muhammad Ahmad Pansota have tweeted about pursuing this matter legally in court.

During all these incidents, there is one question: Will UHS give in to this pressure and reconduct MDCAT?

It will not be the first time certain individuals within the authorities have been caught facilitating cheating and use of unfair means. UHS had to reconduct the MDCAT in 2017. Will it happen again?

If students can prove that the paper was leaked beforehand, UHS has to reconduct. Students work so hard for it, and many things are at stake. Academies have raised their fee. Parents have gone through so much to provide the best opportunities for their children. Being a doctor is not just a dream. It is a wish of everyone linked to the students.

Stay tuned to find out more about this story.

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