What is Afns in Pak Army?

In Pakistan, most women aspire to join the Pakistan army, but they are unable to do so due to their poor health and lack of physical strength. On the other hand, Pakistani women join the army as nurses, doctors, and senior doctors. Women of Pakistan can join the Pak army as nurses via AFNS.

What is AFNS?

The Armed Forces Nursing Service is abbreviated as AFNS. The Pakistani Army has created a curriculum that is exclusively relevant to ladies because numerous positions are only available to men. After selecting, girls from around Pakistan can participate in a free nursing program. During July and August, this program is only offered once a year. In the Pakistani army, nursing is more than a job; it is a calling to serve humanity. With time, you will attain honorary ranks. Lieutenant to Brigadier is the different grades.

Let’s have a look at some requirements you need to fulfill. So let’s get started.

Educational requirements

Females who want to join the Pak Army as Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS) must complete the following education:

  • A minimum of 60% in science courses is required in the matriculation exam.
  • If the student holds an FSc Pre-Med degree, she must achieve a minimum score of 50%.
  • Female nurses who have completed their training can join Pak and become lieutenants. They must finish the nursing diploma and midwifery program, as well as the BSc Generic Nursing and Post (RN) BSc Nursing education.
  • Female students who have completed FSc Part-1 and are awaiting the results of Part-11, or who are required to take Part-11 examinations, can apply to AFNS Online registration for a position in the Pakistan Army’s Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS). All they require is a HOPE certificate signed by the Head of Institute (HOD) and the first-year result with a minimum of 50% marks. After the declaration of the 2nd-year results, the final result must be submitted.

How is a candidate selected for AFNS? 

The Pak Army’s management has established several procedures for selecting the candidate. The candidate can be chosen after successfully completing the selection process and passing each step. The following is the procedure for becoming a member of the Pakistan Army’s Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS):

Candidates must pass the written test

The student must take a written exam consisting of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) from the fields of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Candidates who pass this test must attend an AS&RC center near them for preliminary medical examinations. But students should make sure that their AFNS test preparation for 2023 is at their best level.

Candidates must pass the medical examination

To join the Pakistan Army as an Armed Forces Nursing Service, the candidate must pass an initial medical examination at the local AS&RC (AFNS).

Passed candidates will receive an interview call

Candidates who pass the preliminary medical examination will receive call-up letters for interviews separately. The General Headquarters Selection Board will conduct interviews. Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Multan, and Quetta are among the cities where this interview will take place. On the basis of their overall performance, the candidates will be selected at General Headquarters.

Selected candidates must sign a bond

Before Receiving Training, The selected candidates must sign a bond. The selected candidates must serve in the Pakistan Army for a minimum of ten years to be eligible for this bond.

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Academic Training

The candidates who pass the interview have to do 4 years of training. The whole period of training will be free and the candidates will also get a monthly stipend.

Designation after training

The female students will become lieutenants and serve in the Armed Forces Nursing Services after receiving sufficient training.


What is the role of the Armed Forces National Security Services (AFNS)?

AFNS work at military hospitals as nurses, like any other type of nurse. They have not been assigned to any units or battle situations.

Is AFNS  a permanent position?

Yes. The Pakistan Army’s AFNS is a permanent job force. After their service is over, they are given regular permanent employment and a pension.

Is it the case that AFNS are only transmitted on the station of one’s choice?

No. All army personnel, including AFNS, are assigned to different stations. It is important to note that they are primarily assigned to the station of their choosing. They may, however, be assigned to stations that are not their first choice in certain circumstances.

Are the nurses who work for the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) officers?

The Armed Forces Navigation Service (AFNS) is, in fact, a commissioned service. AFNS are called Commissioned officers.


Armed Forces Nursing Service PAK Army AFNS Joining is a way for female candidates to join the Pakistan Army as commission holders. Candidates interested in knowing about the AFNS program should read the entire article and meet the educational requirements mentioned above.

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