UET Test Conduct Universities In Pakistan [UET Official]

Here is the list of universities, where Ecat 2022 will be conducted.UET Ecat Past papers are important for Preparation.

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UET Test Conduct Universities In Pakistan

Here in this section, I Will discussing you the main universities that conduct engineering, so three main universities in Pakistan that’s show engineering & Technology fields. ecat test preparation tips are very important for admission.

  1. UET Lahore
  2. UET Textila
  3. UET Peshawar

UET Universities [Briefly Introduction]

UET stands for University of Engineering and Technology is a Public
the university of Punjab is located in Lahore and its specialization in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects.

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UET ECAT test is the main entry test that conducts by different universities such that UET Lahore, UET Textile and UET Peshawar which is given below in detail.

UET Lahore Conduct Entry Test

UET main campus is UET, Lahore located in the northern part of
Lahore on G.T. road near Shalimar gardens built during the great
Mughal Empire.

UET Lahore Offering Programmes

UET Lahore used for different programs such that Bachelors,  different engineering programs(Electrical, Mechanical, Civil), also offered different courses such that in technology-related & computer programming languages and Auto CAD also.

UET Lahore Last Year Merit

  • Mechanical Engineering  76.86 %
  • Computer Engineering    73.325 %
  • AutoCAD                             71.97 %
UET Textila Conducting Entry Test

UET has another campus in Textila which is established in
1975 developed for students of engineering and technology due to
enhance UET Lahore. UET Textila performs its first three years in
Sahiwal and then it shifted to Textila which is its permanent location.

UET Textila administrative continuously working under the control of UET, Lahore but this month it received its charter as an independent under the University of Engineering and Technology Textila in 1993.

UET Textila Offering Programmes

It performs different programs such that undergraduate, graduate and master’s degree programs in different fields likewise Software engineering, Electrical, civil, Mechanical engineering, Mathematics and computer engineering.

UET Textila Last Closing  Merit

  • Computer Engineering             64.7%
  • Telecom                                       61.23%
  • Industrial                                     67.88%
  • Environmental Engineering     68.72%
  • Electronics                                   60.71%
UET Peshawar Conduct Entry Test

UET, Peshawar is formally known as NWFP University of
Engineering and Technology was located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan in 2010 and this one is also working under the UET, Lahore.

UET Peshawar Offering Programs

This university offers programs in civil engineering including research in the interdisciplinary earthquake studies after the earthquake held in 2005. It also offers graduate and undergraduate programs in various engineering fields. This university is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the Kingdom.

UET Peshawar Closing Merit

  • Civil Engineering              809.72%

Hopefully, this article “UET Test Conduct Universities In Pakistan” is very informative and interesting for all inter students and improved students, So, if any questions or confusion then asked me herein comment box.

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