Toppers of 10th class 2024 Gujranwala [Position Holders]

10th class toppers from Gujranwala this year were something else. We saw scores as high as 1096! Can you believe it? When I first saw these scores, I didn’t. These performances from students these days are something else. Especially the Gujranwala board students have outdone themselves.

You can check the 9th result 2023 Gujranwala Board can be checked.

Speaking from personal experience, the educational institutes for higher education are filled with students from BISE Gujranwala. Now I can see why it was the case.

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In this article, we will talk about the toppers from BISE Gujranwala and what you can do to be like them. Of course, we will also discuss what perks they enjoy as board toppers. So let’s stop beating around the bush and get straight into business.

Position holders of 10th class 2024 Gujranwala

As you can see, these positions holders have achieved pretty well. You saw our article regarding Lahore Board toppers, right? The topper from BISE Lahore scored 1095 marks. BISE Gujranwala has taken the lead by scoring 1096 marks.

Keep in mind that the total marks are 1100. This is insane! The way these young lads are scoring, it is phenomenal. What’s next? Are students scoring 1200 out of 1100?

While that is impossible, you can still achieve your dream of becoming a topper on the Gujranwala board. How to make it possible? Continue reading.

How to be a topper? – A detailed guide.

How to be a topper? Well, we already have a lot of content on our website. But what is the harm in repeating some stuff here?

In this section, I will give you some cues so you can build up on it and become a board topper. I just need one promise from you. Once you become a position holder, give us a shout-out and leave a comment under this article.

Believe in yourself

The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. Once you start believing in yourself, you will see that you will have this energy inside of you. This positive energy will enable you to elevate your performance to the next level.

Have you been an average student? No problem, believe in yourself that you will achieve if you put enough effort into it. You will beat all the students in academics in no time.

Focus – Do not waste time

The main thing is the focus. Once you have that eagle-eyed focus, no one can hold you back from your success. After all, what use is there in all the positivity if you do not even focus?

Stop procrastinating, use Pomodoro Technique to stick to the timetable, and you will start getting the results.

What do you think sets you apart? It is one’s use of time. Time is the greatest resource ever. Use it wisely.

Clear your concepts

Cramming will get you nowhere. Okay, I understand that our education system rewards it. But what if I told you that it is a myth? Trust me; you are worth nothing when you have only crammed the stuff.

Increase your worth by clearing concepts.

Work smartly

Working smart is the main thing you can do. You can implement different techniques like using guess papers or past papers. We have valuable content on our website regarding that. Please navigate to our blogs section to find a plethora of useful material.

The perks they enjoy

What will you get if you become a board topper? The list is quite long, but let me give you a short tour of the world of board toppers.

  • Position holders get respect.
  • Colleges offer good scholarships.
  • Boards give you a stipend and arrange tours to northern areas.
  • Preference in class
  • Self-satisfaction and confidence.
  • More mentors will be interested in investing their time in you.
  • All the academies will want you to be in their class

These were just some of the perks. So are you convinced enough to become a board topper? I hope you are!

Final words

We will end this article with the wish that you become a position holder after reading this article and implementing our tips and tricks. Not everyone your age has the hunger to achieve big in life. What are the majority of people doing? Scrolling on useless social media websites. But what are you doing on the internet? Investing your time wisely! This is a trait of greatness. Best of luck.

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