The National Licensing Exam will Soon be Recognized Internationally

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has improved its relationship with the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), the international regulatory authority overseeing Pakistan’s National Licensing Examination (NLE), by taking steps to improve the relationship. As part of its mission to make Pakistan’s National Licensing Examination (NLE) internationally recognized, it has taken steps to accomplish this.

Note: The 12th Class Result 2022 will Announce on 20th October.

If successfully implemented, this initiative will benefit medical and dental graduates across the country. According to the PMC spokesperson, WFME recognition of the NLE is essential for Pakistani doctors to be accepted internationally. Accordingly, Pakistani medical students are now eligible to be recognized for international practice by the World Federation of Medical Educators (WFME) within 12-15 months of the WFME’s 2024 deadline.

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