Rawalpindi Board 9th class Result 2024

Latest Update. The Rawalpindi Board Announces the result 2024 Here For Class 9th.

Bise Rawalpindi’s 9th class 2024 result will be announced on 9 August 2024. You can check by Roll no result here.

Just keep in mind that now the board authorities have announced the result date. Now you must wait for the result date and study for your 10th class exams. Understandably, you feel anxious about the result, but these things take time. Why does this happen? We will explain this further in the blog.

We will also tell you how to check the result this time. So, keep reading the article to learn about this useful information. The whole procedure will be explained step by step.

BISE Rawalpindi 9th Class Result 2024

As we have told you, BISE Rawalpindi will announce the 9th class results on 9 August 2024. Students will be able to view their results by 10 am. This means that now you have an idea about the result date. It is such a great help.

Because before, you did not know about the result date and were stressed about your performance. This result is special because students work extra hard for them.

The stakes are also higher in these exams. 9th class or matric result affects your university merit and any chances of securing a scholarship.

This is how important these results are. The board also empathizes with you on this matter. Hence, paper checkers take a lot of time when checking papers.

They have to check and then recheck for any mistakes. If they deduct any marks, they must also give you the reason on the paper. Hence it takes some time. But all of it is for your good.

Check BISE Rawalpindi 9th class Result 2024 By Roll No

We understand that there are a lot of students in Rawalpindi who did not take the 8th-class exams. Hence, they do not know about the procedures BISE adopts. Even the students who took the 8th class exams might not know how to check the result.

But you guys do not have to worry as theeducators.pk are here for the rescue. We will tell you about different methods that you can use to check your 9th class result. All you have to do is read this article carefully from this section.

You can use the following ways to check your SSC part 1 result

  1. Check the result by roll number
  2. 9th class result by SMS
  3. Check your 9th class result by name

Let’s explain each of these methods.

Rawalpindi Board 9th class Position Holders Result in 2024

It is widely known that all the Punjab boards announce position holders’ results before they announce the main result. This is done to encourage such hardworking students. The result is also publicly announced on social media and digital media. This is done so that healthy competition is created and education is promoted.

How to check 9th class Results by SMS

If you do not have internet or a device with high-speed internet access, then you must use this method. But keep in mind that this service is not free of charge. You have to spend some money on it. Let me explain how you can check your 9th class result using this method.

  1. Go to the messaging app on your phone
  2. Enter your roll number
  3. Only enter one roll number at a time
  4. Send this to 800296
  5. Now, you just have to wait for the reply

You must remember that it may take some time to get a reply. This is because a lot of students try to check results this way, and the server may slow down because of this

Check the SSC part 1 Result by name.

This can be considered a traditional method. It was used back then by photocopy shops and other computer shops to check the result. But they ask for money when they check results this way. This is because the gazette used to cost money before the system became digitalized. Now, you can download the gazette from the BISE Rawalpindi website.

Once you have it, open the file on your laptop and follow these steps

  1. Open the gazette file
  2. Enter CTRL F
  3. A search bar will appear
  4. Enter your roll number in the search bar
  5. Now, press ENTER key
  6. Your result will be highlighted.

This is especially useful for teachers as they can check their students’ results simultaneously.

Final words

We hope we can answer your questions regarding the BISE Rawalpindi’s 9th class result 2024. But you can check out our FAQ section if any questions remain unanswered. Or the comments section is always open for you. You also learned about the result date and how to check your result. This blog was intended to be easily understood by all the students.

Hopefully, we achieved that as well. All you have to do now is be patient and wait for the results. Meanwhile, focus on your 10th-class exams next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the 9th class result in Rawalpindi Board?

9 August 2024

How can I check my 9th class result on the Pindi board?

You can check your result in the following ways

  • roll number
  • SMS
  • by name

To know more in detail, read the article.

Is the 9th class result announced Punjab Board?

No, but the result date is announced. The 9th class result will be released on 9 August 2024

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