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Punjab Boards 2nd-year result 2024 passing percentage

All the educational boards in Punjab announced the 2nd-year results on 13 September 2024. At the same time, thousands of students appeared in the exams and have passed the exams. Some have failed some subjects as well. They will be looking forward to the second annual exam. No worries!

In this article, we will discuss the statistics from different boards in Punjab. Some had a passing percentage, while some had a decent ratio. You can say that it was different from previous years. And we will discuss that as well. Also, we will try to tell the graduated students what they can do in their university years.

Lahore board 12th class result passing ratio

The Lahore board had a good result this time. These students have always been trendsetters. Although that has changed over the past few years, the Lahori students still know how to surpass their limits and outshine themselves and their competition. Here are a few numbers from this year’s 12th class results

Total Students190,566
Total students who took test186,581
Students who passed. 109,467
Total Students58.67%

BISE Faisalabad 12th class results passing percentage

More than a hundred thousand students submitted their admissions this time. And almost all of them took the exams. For the rest of you, don’t worry. You will have another chance in the second annual exam. As for the rest of the population, here are the stats.

Total Students101475
Total students who took the test99874
Students who passed. 65837
Total Students65.92

This is a lot better than Lahore. WOW.

Multan board 12th class passing ratio

Multan board also announced their result on 13 September 2024. Although the number of students is not even half of what the Lahore board students are, their stats are nothing to scoff at. You can say they have done better than Lahori students this time. Well done, Multan!

Total students appeared74635
Students who passed44541
Passing ratio59.68

BISE Gujrawanal 12th class passing percentage

The number of students who appeared was less than all the boards we discussed. But the passing percentage is better than all of them. Gujranwala students have outshined all the major boards from all over the Punjab. Let’s have a look at their numbers.

Total students appeared40126
Students who passed29906
Passing ratio74.53

Why are the results different from previous years?

So, why are the results different? It used to be a 100% passing ratio even after COVID. So, we can’t say that it was the leniency the paper checkers showed. However, this seems to be the case.

The numbers speak for themselves.

But does it mean that the students are at fault here? NO.

The paper-checking criteria have become stringent. Also, the boards have shifted the paper pattern in a way that rewards conceptual study.

This means the students must shift their mindset while preparing for the exams.

Tips for university years

So, now you are going to enter the university. What should you do to ensure that the ship sails smoothly? Let me give you some pointers. And who knows, if you share this article and tell us in the comments section, we will write a detailed article on it.

  • Work daily and study consistently.
  • Focus on building skills.
  • Be part of societies for extra-curriculars.
  • Dont shy away from new experiences. Explore your area of interest.
  • Learn a skill that will help you earn in dollars.
  • Establish your freelance career while you are at your university.
  • Pay heed to conceptual study rather than focusing on your CGPA. If your concepts are clear, your GPA will start improving automatically.


So these were some numbers regarding 12th class results. We hope that you pass this year. Or if you are going to prepare for the 2nd year exams, do not let these numbers influence you. Rather than this, learn from your senior’s mistakes and do better.

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