MDCAT Books 2024 [According To Syllabus]

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Content Includes:

  • According to PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2023
  • 5000+ MCQs Bank
  • Practice MCQs of MDCAT Biology
  • MDCAT Physics
  • More Than 1500 Questions about Chemistry
  • English Portion according to the syllabus
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Isn’t it too satisfying to be a servant of wounded or sick humans in the form of a doctor? Of course, it is. A large number of medical students appear in an entry test to qualify for medical seats where some pass and go towards medical college, and some fail and hope to attempt once more. This entry test is known as the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT).

The MDCAT is conducted by the Pakistan Medical and dental council every year where affiliated medical colleges provide admissions to willing candidates. Students who start their preparation come to the first thing and that is a book. These students get much preparatory material in MDCAT practice through recommended books and benefit from the book for medical college admission tests. in fact, people recommend textbooks in large amounts with quick revision notes for the exam, but all the books are not useful.

The MDCAT book is the one that provides the most relevant and authentic data for the preparation of MDCAT papers. The book aims to guide and prepare students for the MDCAT exam in a short duration with a variety of useful tips and techniques. start preparing according to the book and it will ease the difficulty level you have. The following are key features that the book provides to medical students according to PMC MDCAT.

  • According to the PMC Nationa MDCAT Syllabus
  • 10,000+ MCQs Bank
  • Practice MCQs of MDCAT Biology
  • MDCAT Physics
  • More Than 1500 Questions of Chemistry
  • English Portion according to the syllabus

According to MDCAT Syllabus

The book contains a detailed guide for the exam according to PMC MSCAT syllabus taken from past papers for the medical college admission test. It explains the specific portions of medical studies to be prepared well according to certain difficulty levels. The book aims to cover all those necessary parts of the test preparation that an aspirant has to go through to get admission to medical colleges. Indeed, a student, who starts preparing for medical studies without the right direction, is on a track that only leads to failure. Thus, the book has all its material according to the PMC MDCAT syllabus for the MDCAT entrance test.

5000+ MCQs Bank

The MDCAT book contains more than 5000 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for the MDCAT test that prepare you well. These MCQs cover all the necessary parts of physics, chemistry, biology, and English according to the syllabus’s past papers. These MCQs aim to train you for the questions that you would experience in the MDCAT test. Your everyday practice of these MCQs would make you familiar with the new and frequently included questions which will ensure your success resultantly. in short, prepare MDCAT through these questions.

Practice MCQs of MDCAT Biology

Of course, the most important area of MDCAT books is biology. You are going to appear in an exam that tests you from a medical point of view according to the MDCAT syllabus. you can also check the paper format from past papers for getting a better idea. Therefore, the MDCAT book includes a variety of relevant questions that are too important for the MDCAT preparation. Practice these questions every day, and it will make you get familiar with them and the concept behind them.

MDCAT Physics

Physics is another subject that students have to prepare for the exam of practice books. The book contains important questions and answers that they have to prepare well for the MDCAT exam out of other practice books. These questions target the MDCAT syllabus of physics that comes in the exam later. Practice them out of the practice books as much as you can within the preparatory duration so that you make your MDCAT preparation successful.

More Than 1500 Questions of Chemistry

according to the PMC syllabus, chemistry is also one of the important subjects to prepare for the entry test. The MDCAT books contain more than 1500 questions on Chemistry. These questions cover both the organic and inorganic parts of the subject through MDCAT books. These questions are the very helpful ones you sit to prepare for the exam instead of those that depend badly on online learning. Go through a specific part of these questions every day, make revision notes, and it will improve your knowledge of chemistry in the selected period.

English Portion according to the syllabus

As you know well, the English language is an essential subject for any type of exam in Pakistan. Similarly, the MDCAT books contain useful tips and tricks, and questions that are very helpful for preparation. You may not find such questions during online learning. These questions are according to the syllabus of MDCAT and too specific about what a student’s first need is. Select a specific part from this portion, make revision notes, and study them thoroughly. It will give you fruitful results out of the other coursebooks.

To sum up, these are the important areas of the book that would make you as required for the exam. to state the final report, it also covers all the subjects that a candidate has to prepare for the MDCAT exam. you can order online and get free home delivery of the book as well. The relevance of the prep books to the MDCAT syllabus ensures the success of MDCAT aspirants in the first attempt.


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