PMDC announces MDCAT 2024 date and schedule

All aspiring doctors! The moment you’ve been anticipating has here. The PMDC has announced MDCAT 2024 date and schedule. So, the wait is finally over!

This blog will provide the most recent information on the exam date, registration timeline, and vital facts for applicants.

As we examine the path to MDCAT 2024, prepare to embark on a journey filled with passion, devotion, and the quest for knowledge. Prepare for essential knowledge that will impact your future medical and dentistry careers.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get suitable to the business. This is the most crucial step of your medical career. Do not take it lightly.

Registration and Fee Details

The registration cost for MDCAT 2024 has been fixed at PKR 6,000 by the PMDC. Candidates may go to the official PMDC website to register for the exam using the exam enrollment portal.

It is critical to remember that MDCAT 2024 scores are no longer acceptable for admissions in the 2024 session. To be qualified for medical and dental college admissions, candidates must take the MDCAT 2024.

The MDCAT 2023 is planned for August 27, 2024. Local and foreign applicants can take the test at provincial-level Public Sector Medical Admitting Universities.

The MDCAT-recognized syllabus is now accessible on the PMDC website. Candidates can view the curriculum to ensure they are adequately ready for the test.

Opening of the Registration Portal

The MDCAT 2024 registration website will be open in July 2024. Prospective applicants should check the official PMDC website for the registration portal’s opening date. We have enough content about how to use the portal and how to apply. So check out our articles on it.

MDCAT 2024 online registration will commence in the first week of July and last 20-25 days. The application deadline for MDCAT 2024 is tentatively set for 31 July 2024.

Candidates should regularly monitor the PMDC’s updates for modifications to the registration timetable.

Nomination of Admitting Universities

PMDC has issued letters to the health ministers of all provinces asking for the nomination of MDCAT-2024 accepting universities.

The chosen universities will be in charge of administering the examination in the provinces they serve. PM DC has sought a list of cities where it will establish test centers from each provincial government and accept universities.

This information is critical for timely question paper production, venue arrangements, and the assignment of invigilation professionals.

The fast reaction of the relevant authorities is critical to the effective operation of MDCAT 2024.

The distribution of city lists and the selection of admitting institutions will allow the conducting university to prepare for the test efficiently.


Aspiring medical and dentistry students in Pakistan, MDCAT IS COMING! The PMDC’s notification of the exam date, registration timetable, and curriculum are critical for applicants.

Registration will open in July; you must know all the rules and fine details.

Candidates are preparing for a demanding examination that will impact their future medical and dentistry careers as the run-up to MDCAT-2024 begins. For that, we are always with you. You have to keep reading our blogs for news and updates.

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