Pakistan Army Ranks – All Ranks With Salary

Pakistan’s army is considered one of the best in the world regarding strength and professionalism. Our brave soldiers serve the country not only on the ground but also in the seas and the sky.

And the excellence doesn’t end with the soldiers’ retirement; some of our best and cream of the crop provides consultation and security advisory to many firms worldwide. This sort of discipline comes from training and organization in the army ranks.

But have you ever wondered what are different ranks in the army are? What rank is higher than the other, and what are their salaries? We will talk about everything in this article today. So if you are an aspiring soldier, then this article is going to be helpful for you in understanding the organization of this country.

Pakistan army ranks from lowest to highest.

Pakistanis love their army because of the countless sacrifices it made for the sovereignty of this nation. Therefore, it has a special place in people’s hearts. You will seldom notice the interest people in Pakistan have in their army in any other country.

Hence, countless youngsters from Pakistan apply for the Pak army each year. However, only some are selected as the selection criteria in the Pak army are very stringent. Based on the test you took, or the post you applied for, you will be given a rank in the army. Then, after working hard, proving their worth, and winning the missions that the Army gives them, the soldier can increase their ranks and salaries.

Different ranks in the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force are in the following table. They are arranged from lowest to highest. And do keep in mind that these are commissioned officer ranks. We will discuss the other ranks further in this article.

Pakistan ArmyPakistan NavyPakistan Air Force
Second LieutenantMidshipmanPilot Officer
LieutenantSub LieutenantFlying Officer
CaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant
MajorLieutenant CommanderSquadron Leader
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander
ColonelCaptainGroup Captain
BrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice Marshal
Lieutenant  GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
GeneralAdmiralAir Chief Marshal

The other ranks that are non-commissioned are given below. The highest rank here will be below the second lieutenant.

Serial numberRank
2lance Naik
5Naib Subedar
7Subedar Major

Now, let’s discuss each commissioned officer rank in more detail. We will also try to cover their salaries here.

Second Lieutenant

This is the lowest rank among the army’s commissioned officers. In the Pakistani Forces, a second lieutenant is normally upgraded to lieutenant six months after appointment. Each year, Pakistan holds two tests for 2nd lieutenant. The salary is about 60000 PKR


This is a rank after the Second Lieutenant. Once a second lieutenant passes the exam, they are promoted to this rank. They often have more military backgrounds and may only lead certain squads. Their salary is about 71810 PKR


It is also the highest position where soldiers must supervise and lead troops directly. They also offer their expertise by instructing in military colleges and training centres. In Pakistan, the salary of a captain is about 130550 PKR


Majors are usually found in administrative positions instead of on the front ranks of war. They may also oversee a task force for logistics or tactical goals. The salary of a Major is about 164730 PKR

Lieutenant Colonel

An officer at this grade in the Pakistani Army commands a battalion of up to 1,000 men with the assistance of a competent non-commissioned officer. They might also be appointed as an executive or leading commanders to head a task force. The salary is about 207160 PKR


Colonels, a grade that conducts staff officer functions, typically link headquarters and the front of the war. They may also be allowed to provide critical advice to top authorities. Their salary is somewhere between that of a Lt. Colonel and a brigadier.


Brigadiers frequently remain on the front to command a brigade or stay as staff officers to supervise activities and tasks. According to a survey, their salary is about 227160 PKR

Major General

A major general oversees forces of 10,000 to 15,000 men and could be recommended for a high staff position in the Defense Ministry. The salary for a major general is about 252450 PKR

Lieutenant General

An officer of this rank commands over almost 20000 soldiers. The salary is about 282830 PKR. 


A general is the top rank of commissioned officer in the military and often has years of service. They are responsible for all obligations under their specific area of responsibility. A general is also the Army’s Chief of Staff. For example, Raheel Shareef was the chief of the army staff of Pakistan and was at the rank of a general.

Non-commissioned officers and Junior Commissioned Officers

This section will briefly discuss some non-commissioned officers in the Pak army.


The top level among Non-Commissioned Officers advanced from Naik is Havaldar. It is distinguished by three stripes and is paid per BPS-8.

Naib Subedar

Naib Subedar is the lowest rank of a Junior Commissioned Officer who is promoted from Senior Havildar after passing certain examinations. BPS-14 determines the remuneration of Naib Subedar

Subedar and Subedar major

A subedar is paid per BPS-15 and is one rank above Naib Subedar. Subedar Major is a higher grade than Subedar.   Regarding remuneration, a subedar major’s pay is determined by BPS-17. Subedar Majors are eligible for promotions to Lieutenant or Major if their record is exceptional. This is a higher grade than any soldier may obtain through qualification examinations.

Pakistan’s Military rank in the world

As per the 2022 survey, the Pakistan army ranked 9th among 142 armies of the world. A lot of factors are counted when these sorts of surveys are done. These factors are economy, population, natural resources, firepower, land power, airpower, sea power, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which rank is highest in the army?

The highest rank in the Pakistan army is Field Marshal.

Is Pakistan the No. 1 Army?

Pakistan was ranked 9th as per a survey done

How big is the Pakistan Army?

There are about 560000 soldiers in the Pak Army.

How strong is Pakistan?

Pak Army has scored a PwrIndx of 0.1572, according to one survey. This makes it comparable to the army of Turkiye.

How many brigadiers are in the Pakistan Army?

There are more than 30 brigadiers in the Army.

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