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NUMS Result 2024 [ANNOUNCED]

NUMS has announced the MDCAT result on 18 September 2024. If you want to check the result and know more information like the time, continue reading.

NUMS held their only MDCAT this year on 3 September 2024. Most students have taken this test and are now waiting for the results. If you are waiting for the test result held on 3 September 2024 this is where you will get all the relevant information. So continue reading if you want to be the first to check the MDCAT results 2024

First, the university announces the answer keys. This is so the students can check their answers and know their results before the university tells them. Hence, if you have taken MDCAT today, it is better to download the answer key and check your score before NUMS has announced the results.

But when will NUMS announce the results for MDCAT 2024? Don’t worry; we have an answer for you.

NUMS usually takes 2-3 weeks to announce the official results. They gave the test today. NUMS will announce the results on 18 September 2024. This is the maximum time the university can take to announce the results of the MDCAT. After that, they will announce the admissions, and the students can go for either MBBS or BDS.

So if you are a student waiting for these results, check the answer key and see if it makes sense to wait for the official result. Owing to increasing competition, continuing NUMS may not be a good idea if you have a lower score.

However, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Remember that NUMS will announce the results by 18 September 2024.

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