NUMS Entry Test Full Guideline [NUMS Past Papers]

If you are a pre-medical student and wanna find and search Nums past papers pdf free download then this<< >> will be the right place for you, because here you will know about everything and point.

  • What is Nums Entry Test 2019
  • Nums Registration 2019
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Syllabus  and Pattern
  • Nums Test Centers
  • How To Prepare
  • Nums Past Papers
nums past papers
nums past papers

As many students worry about it and always upset and in tension about the Nums Preparation, so they have many questions in their minds, so don’t be a worry in this post I will guide you fully and completely.

Also, I know that many students face these problems because they are fresh students and not more mature, and also they have to lack decision power than what I do? How I am Preparing Nums Test? Whose I use the best book or Nmus Notes? What Types of question arises in Nums entry test? And many more questions that will be held the fsc medical students, So here given answers to all questions that arise in your minds, so keep wit us and read this article fully with concentration 👇  👇  👇

NUMS Syllabus 2019 pdf

What Is Nums MDCAT Test 2019

Nums is the National University Of Medical Science that will be conducting the test for giving admission in MBBS or Medical field like

  • 5 years of MBBS Programmes ( MBBS )
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • BDS
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology

And many other fields for getting admission and chose your specialization in the medical field, but most students will be trying to get admission in the MBBS to wanna become a perfect  Professional Doctor.

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NUMS Registration 2019-How To Apply For Nums Test

Here in this Section, I will tell you about the nums registration that it will be very beneficial for the medical students that registration of the nums test will be online, so its easy and fast process as you needed to submit your applying fee and then scan the copy and upload here.

Nums Registration Not Officially announced from university, but expected Date will be 20 October 2019.

How To Register For Nums Entry Test 2019 [Step By Step]

<<<<<<<<   Care Fully Read All These Step    >>>>>>>>>>>

  1. As nums registration will be online, application submitting & paying challan fee also online, that’s a step from nums university will be best for the pre-medical students, so we can say this process nums online apply.
  2. So, for applying online Click Here, and read the next steps with attentively, so no any mistake will occur during applying.
  3. After that applicant needed to Submit his/her application with full concentration and properly and all data putting here that s will be accurate others wise many problems will occur in the future with NUMS.
  4. Nums Test Fee challan ( 3000Rs) will be automatically generated, so download from here and fill up with your personal data and following requirements. And the nums entry test fee will not be refundable and non-transferable.
  5. Submitting this Challan to your nearest HBL, ABL, MCB Bank Branch, then a copy of stamped bank will be sent to the NUMS.
  6. Nums send Roll No. Slips to your Address through courier service or by Emailing.

AT Test Day you bring with your Nums roll no. slip and CNIC/B.fom/Matric Result.

Eligibility criteria- Nums Mdcat 2019

  • FScPre Medical/A Level or Equivalent Qualification
  • Minimum 60% Marks In Matric & FSc

>  For Forign Students

  • SAT-ll Exam with minimum 550 marks in biology, chem, either physic or mathematics and foreign Mcat Score 500/528
  • Equivalence by IBCC

NUMS Syllabus And Pattern

Nums entry test format will be consist of 180 MCQs that will be contributed into four sections and the time to attempt this test will be 3 Hours.

  • Biology (70 Mcqs)
  • Chemistry (45 Mcqs)
  • Physic (45 Mcqs )
  • English (20 Mcqs )

nums mdcat syllabus 2019

NUMS Test Centers In Pakistan

There are many Districtwise Centers for conducting the Nums test 2019, that s will be following

  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisal Abad
  • Karachi
  • Sargodha
  • Quetta
  • Gilgit
  • Abbottabad
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Sakhar
  • Bhawalpur
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK)

How To Prepare ( Nums Entry Test )

As all of you know that this question will be tough and thinking question for all mcat students to prepare this Nums test. If all of you want high-grade marks then follow these below steps and acting upon this point, then you get 90% to above marks. Because every year more than 30 thousand students will appear for this NUMS Test, So There will be following preparing w

3 Best Ways To Prepare NUM

S Test Preparation

  1. By Books ( Fsc Syllabus Books + Punjab Text )
  2. By Online ( Websites, Online Tests, Ilm Ki Duniya, Go Test)
  3. By Nums Preparation Notes ( Nums Past Papers )

TOP 5 Tips For Preparing Nums Entry Test 2019

There will be Following 5 Tips for NUMS Entry Test 2019

1. Always Be Confident & Assure

Anything or any Profession work in this world, there will be the assurance that you will be confidant owns self and trust in yourself for doing anything, If lack of confidence then maybe you will not be a success in your desired field.

It means that if you want the highest marks in nums entry test then this will be the first step to get your desired goal.

2.  Strong Thinking Power

If one student always thinks that I would become a doctor and he makes it’s his dream and then this thing kept in his mind that one day I will become a good Doctor, this thing will be strong and powerful. You will be able to think yourself and having a good decision after carefully thinking, because if one student will be lacking this thinking power then he could not make a good decision for one’s self.

3. Always Be Positive 

The main factor that if you want to get your goal then this thing you do ” Postive Thinking” then no anyone stops you in your life dream, so for nums entry preparation you will become the first Postive, then you make 100% Preparation of your Nums mcat test. As many thoughts coming in students especially during exams and mostly bad and negative thoughts, but the controlling system in our hands, so you will be strong and always +ve thinking.

4. TEXT Books ( 1st Priority)

After these above steps then the next step will be now practically applying because these above steps will be necessary for motivation and encourage yourself to gain your goal, Always medical student needed more hard work related to studying because competition will be increased each and every year.

You Should Read Fsc Punjab textbooks and studying those subjects that will be related to the NUMS syllabus, it means you will more focus on Biology, then Physic, chemistry, and English. So more grip on your 1st year and 2nd year of Biology subject.

5. NUMS Preparation Booklet- Buying Nums Helpful Notes

As like concern of Punjab Text Books for nums, also Buying Nums Preparation Booklet will be very helpful for the preparation of Nums Medical Test, as Total  180 Marks then getting 150 to 160 Marks,

NUMS Past Papers- PDF Free Download

Nums Preparation Past Papers Will be available in the PDF form, you can download from here easily and these will be helpful for preparation for this test.

NUMS Past Papers In PDF, Click on Download  


Here in this section, I will give you Video where you can get complete information about the nums entry test 2019, and get a full guideline how to apply and the most  important thing where you can learn that will be ” List of all colleges discuss  that are afflicted and get admission to medical students and they take nums entry test“. So can you wanna know whose following colleges for nums admission, then watch this video complete that are given below…


Hopefully, This Article Will be very helpful for the Preparation of NUMS Entry Test and hope here all points and all your questions will be clear if any confusion or question then placed your question in the comment box.


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