Interim Government decided to reconduct MDCAT 2024

The interim government of KPK has decided to reconduct MDCAT 2024. ETEA held the test on 10 September 2024. A large number of students were caught cheating. Remember that all the students in the country took MDCAT on the same date. However, a certain group in KPK was charging over 3.5 million PKR per head for help in cheating, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Hence, the students appealed to the Honourable High Court for justice. More than 200 students had appealed against ETEA to re-conduct the test. While most students in the country have received official MDCAT results, KPK students were waiting for this decision. A Join Investigation Team also researched this matter and found the claims true.

In light of all the evidence, the interim cabinet in the KPK government has decided to reconduct the MDCAT. This test is important for students and their parents as they have invested a lot of time and money for entry tests. However, if some one decides to pay a hefty amount of money to get a seat in the government colleges like this, it is unfair to hundreds of thousands of students.

This is a just decision by the government, and the students in KP will never forget this.

Now, it is time for the students to take charge of this moment and prepare for the next MDCAT. Now, there are no excuses. You have had some practice on 10 September. Prepare will all your might and get the grades you dream for.

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