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How To Prepare CSS Exam At Home-Complete Guideline

how to prepare for css in 6 months

As you know CSS is Central Superior Service held in Pakistan every year in October. Now this time CSS applying in October 2019 And Papers will be Start in February 2020. So it will be the tough and compatible Test, every year 10-20 thousands of candidates will appear for this CSS exam, from them just 200-250 candidates will be clear this test.

What Is CSS Study In Pakistan

In Pakistan, this CSS test having great importance and value, and this test will be conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Also, all of you know that fpsc is the biggest department that giving and announcing many jobs that will be at the level of federal means anyone will be applying, not just for Punjab.

What Is CSS Scope In Pakistan

The Central Superior Services (CSS; or Bureaucracy) is a permanent elite bureaucratic authority and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan.

  • Income Tax Group
  • Custom & Excise
  • Police Service Of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Administrative
  • Foreign Service Of Pakistan
  • Commissioner officer
  • Postal group
  • Railways Group

What Are the Benefits Of CSS Exam

What are the advantages of CSS exams? Appearing in the Central Superior Services (CSSexamination is an extremely rewarding experience of one’s life. Success or failure aside, preparing for this most challenging examination will open new fields of learning which will help you in your practical life.

What Are The Requirements For CSS In Pakistan(CSS Eligibility Criteria)

There will be the following requirements will be very necessary for applying CSS exam 2019

  • EDUCATION. At least a 2ndDivision or Grade “C” Bachelor’s degree of Pakistani or of a foreign University recognized by Higher Education Commission(HEC), Islamabad.
  • NATIONALITY.A Citizen of Pakistan or State of Jammu and Kashmir
  • AGE. Minimum: 21 yearsMaximum:  30 years
  • Domicile. Anywhere (Pakistan)

How Many Papers Are There In CSS Exam

CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers. Each paper carries 100 marks. CSS Exam has 1200 marks in total. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC. CSS exam has total of 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6optional papers. Each paper carries 100marks. CSS Exam has 1200marks in total. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC.

Is there any Screening Test for CSS 2019-2020

It is guessed that CSS governing authority Federal Public Service Commission will be conducting a screening test for the future CSS Exams. But right now there is no such official announcement for this Type of test. There was no screening test for CSS 2019.

CSS Exam Syllabus 2019-2020

There are 4 types of test clear then it will be considered that you will qualify the CSS exam and then you will be able on the merit, so there will be following discussing below …

  • Written Test
  • Psychology Test
  • Medical Test
  • Interview

But in these four, 2 test will be very important that will be Written test & Interview Test

  1. Compulsory Subjects ( 600 Marks )
  2. Optional Subjects ( 600 Marks )

Compulsory Subjects

  • Essay 100.
  • English (Precise and Composition) 100.
  • General Knowledge :
  • Paper – I General Science & Ability 100.
  • General Science: (MCQs = 20 marks, subjective = 40 marks) Ability: subjective = 40 marks)100
  • Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100

Optional Subjects 

Here in this section CSS exam subject discussed one by one in details in different groups for the optional subjects, it depends on you but selects those which have you most interestable and more grip.

Group-1      One subject carrying 200 marks

Subjects Marks
Accountancy & Auditing  200
Economics  200
Computer Science  200
Political Science  200
International Relations  200

Group-2   One subject carrying 200 marks or 2 Subjects carrying 100 Marks

Subject Marks
Physics  200
Chemistry  200
Applied Mathematics  100
Pure Mathematics  100
Statistics  100
Geology 100  100

Group-3         One subject carrying 100 marks

Subject Marks
Business Administration  100
Public Administration  100
Governance & Public Policies  100
Town Planning & Urban Management  100

Group-4 One subject carrying 100 marks

Subject Marks
History of Pakistan & India  100
Islamic History & Culture  100
British History  100
European History  100
History of the USA 100

Group-5         One subject carrying 100 marks

Subject Marks
Gender Studies  100
Environmental Sciences  100
Agriculture & Forestry  100
Botany  100
Zoology 100
English Literature  100
Urdu Literature 100

Group-6         One subject carrying 100 marks

Subject Marks
Law  100
Constitutional Law  100
International Law  100
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence  100
Mercantile Law 100
Criminology  100
Philosophy 100

Group-7         One subject carrying 100 marks

Subject Marks
Journalism & Mass Communication  100
Psychology  100
Geography  100
Sociology  100
Anthropology 100
Punjabi  100
Sindhi 100
Pashto  100
Balochi  100
Persian  100
Arabic 100

How Much Time Is Enough For CSS Preparation

The time required for the preparation of the examination changes from individual to individual. Those with sound order over English and having full comprehension/learning of all mandatory and discretionary subjects may prepare in three to four months. Generally, it takes two to four months for good understudies with direction over English.

How To Prepare CSS Exam-Preparation CSS 2019-2020

Here in this section I will tell you complete information and guideline that How you prepare CSS exam in 2 months, Before going with how to get ready for CSS is 2 months or less, let me reveal here that I haven’t yet passed the tests, so doubt on your part won’t be baseless yet as a similar time likewise given me a chance to disclose to you that my outcome ought not make

Any difference with this system in light of the fact that each individual has a one of a kind personality with changing degrees of learning and experience. In the event that I pass the test, it wouldn’t imply that this system would work for everybody and on the off chance that I come up short, this wouldn’t imply that this technique does not work.

Keep In Mind During The Preparation Of CSS Exam 

3 Points Keep in mind and follow then you can easily clear the CSS exam with good grade and marks according to the merit criteria.

1. You have good command over written and spoken English. You did your O and A levels and scored a minimum of B in O levels English. You have or currently, do read English books such as novels/magazines, etc

2. You are generally a sharp/intelligent student (Do note that I am not talking about hard-work). You have a decent memory

3. You are confident and can speak on any occasion with anyone. You also have regularly debated current issues with your friends or family.

How I Preparation CSS Exam 2019

1.     Essay

The most essential part here is Outline planning. When you have built up a solid layout, lets state with around 20, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to compose 3000 words on it. Compose and build up a couple of blueprints on hotly debated issues (Pakistan’s financial issues, ladies, Islam as a religion, a dangerous atmospheric deviation, legislative issues/majority rule government) and guarantee you get ready just a limit of 5 diagrams.

With each diagram, plan fitting statements and occasions. There is no compelling reason to compose an article be that as it may in the event that you are not sure about your speed, you may rehearse 1/2 papers. This shouldn’t take over 2 days. We ought to be your closest companion.

2. English Precis and Composition

This is most likely the least demanding paper. Simply plan antonyms, equivalent words, axioms, and maxims from any book of your decision. You don’t have to plan arrangement as you have effectively done it widely in O levels. Trust me, in CSS it’s a lot simpler than O levels

To the extent abstract is concerned, it is very simple, in opposition to what individuals state. You need to condense in simple words in 1/3 the word tally. Indeed counsel any book for an understood summary of past papers which should give you a thought and you are good to go.

For short notes, by and by the statements and occasions are your door to progress. You don’t have to get ready for this since composing 300 words shouldn’t be hard for you particularly when combined with statements and occasions which alone would take up in any event 100 wordsThis paper in this manner shouldn’t take over 2 days to get ready as well.

3.    Every Day Science

The most scoring subject which you should expert. You should simply peruse Everyday Science book of Kashmiri. 1 perusing shouldn’t take over 2 days. Change in any event 3-4 times at whatever point you feel like. Additionally, get comprehended papers of the most recent 10 years and you are good to go. No compelling reason to do whatever else

4.     Current Affairs

There is no requirement for you to peruse Dawn every day! Truly, no reason to peruse any paper, Perusing day break takes at least 1-2 hours every day and fundamental tedious action of all different CSS wannabes. You then again don’t have to peruse it with the exception of on ends of the week.

1)Quarterly Journal (4 releases arrive in a year)

2)Jahangir World Times magazine (every one of the 12)

You have great English and so on and so on. If necessary or in the event that you have an inclination that, you may peruse Opinion/Encounter of Dawn every day.

5.     Pakistan Affairs

Ikram Rabbani That’s it! Peruse this book just till Zia-ul-Haq Time and no more. Set up your very own pointers from the web on farming, assembling, training and water emergency in Pakistan. Experience this book two or multiple times as it contains all that you have to go to Pakistan Affairs.

Do get comprehended past papers and give extraordinary considerations to MCQs and points like Sir Syed, Shah Walli Ullah, Pakistan development, Ideology of Pakistan and so on Max time 4-5 days.

6.  Islamiat

Go  Through Islamiat in English since you are great at it (prior presumption). Get the accompanying books

1)Islamiat by Dogar Sons

2)Jahangir Exam Cram arrangement

Experience both these books and rehash if essential. Likewise significant here is that you see Friday Feature of Dawn. No compelling reason to purchase a sunrise on Friday however or even take a gander at it every Friday for the following 52 weeks.

7.    Geography

Sarfaraz Bajwa That’s it! Your paper An ought to be finished inside 3 days maximum. For paper 2 get most recent version De Blij and read up on populace/movement/urbanization. Additionally, get Jahangir Exam pack arrangement and get ready paper 2 from it. When you are finished with it, investigate papers and scan for significant figures from the net and note them down.

8.   Journalism

Journalism by Mehdi Hassan Exam Cram series

9.    Foresty 

By Masood A A Qureshi 

10.    Indopak/British History

This wasn’t my subject in 2011 papers (Accounting was) so I can’t generally direct you yet Exam Cram arrangement ought to be your companion and practice outline drawing (for British History). Ideally, I will compose an update for these subjects in a few days.

CSS Preparation Books PDF- Free Download

  1. CSS Beginners Book By Aamir Mahar
  2. CSS BookDogar Sons PDF
  3. CSS Compulsory & Optional Subjects-PDF
  4. Important CSS Essay Outlines
  5. CSS Current Affairs-PDF
  6. Pakistan Affairs For CSS Test
  7. CSS General Knowledge

CSS Past Papers- Sample Papers For CSS Exam

  1. English CSS Past Paper PDF
  2. CSS MCQs Islamiat
  3. Past papers Sociology For CSS Test
  4. CSS IR Sample Papers PDF
  5. International Law CSS Past Papers

How To Apply CSS Exam 2019-2020

As all of you know that this CSS Test conducting by Federal Public Service Commission ( FPSC ), So that’s why we also apply CSS through fpsc, here I will provide you a PDF file, in that all information giving that how can you apply, and what are the requirements when you applying.

  • How To Apply ( Easy Way step By Step )
  • What are Requirements
  • Documents that will be needed
  • Applying Fee
  • Step By Step Method with Screen Short
  • File Format Is PDF
  • File Size ( 4.20 MB )
  • Download Below File

So, hurry Up download, when you read carefully this process, then you yourself apply for any job that will be related to the FPSC.

⇒     ⇒         ⇒        DOWNLOAD      ⇐    ⇐      ⇐

Hopefully, this article will be very helpful for those whose wanna prepare CSS exam 2020, So I will try to discuss each point, Guideline and all information related to CSS and according to the latest policy & Syllabus of CSS Exam.

If any confusion, the question about the CSS test then asked me here or write your question in the comment box, OR if you wanna giving us any Suggestion related to the CSS TEST.


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