How Can I Become An Army Doctor?

In Pakistan, do you want to be a Captain Doctor? Do you want to know how to do it all? You have arrived at the appropriate site. This post is meant for individuals who aspire to join our army and pursue their dream of becoming a doctor. The most respectable job for a country’s youth is joining the military and serving their country in every manner imaginable. Pakistani teenagers aspire to be doctors or engineers, yet most are unaware of how to join the Pakistan Army as a doctor or engineer. We would go over the specifics of how to become an Army doctor in great detail.

Many medical students desire to attend Army Medical College, also known as AMC. They fantasize about carrying those flags around on their chests. It is a frequent misconception that AMC is solely for army brats or persons with military history, but this is not true. Anyone who meets the requirements can become a member of the AMC family. When it comes to girls, they are unsure whether or not they are eligible to join Army Medical College. It is a prevalent misperception that only boys are eligible to apply for these positions.

Can I become a military doctor?

People can join the Pakistan Army as cadets through a program offered by the army. After passing the FSC Pre-Medical, candidates who want to “Join Pak Army as Doctor” can apply for this program. The chosen individual receives a monthly stipend in addition to free education. The candidate would be promoted to Captain in the Pakistan Army after completing his or her degree.

This is the ideal option for those who wish to join the Pakistan Army and are interested in medicine. Army Medical Registration is required for all qualifying students. Army Medical College (AMC) and CMH Hospital Lahore Medical College will provide education to the selected students.

Students are enrolled as cadets at Army Medical College, and there are two sorts of cadets who join AMC and go on to serve in CMHS:


How long does it take to become a doctor in the army?

The candidates have to complete the 5-year MBBS or 4-year BDS degree first in CMH of Rawalpindi or any city. After that, you will have to take 22 weeks of training in the Pakistan Military Academy. After that, you will have to complete your residency in the specialized field you choose yourself. Then, you can start practicing as well as serving in the army hospital as an Amry Doctor.

Methods of induction as capt doctor in the Pak army

You can join Pak Army as a doctor in the following ways:

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1. Paying Cadets

Paying cadets are those whose mother or father is a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Civil Service. Their children can apply for AMC-paid cadet seats regardless of the rank at which they are serving. Candidates with an army history have the most seats in the paying cadet’s quota than candidates from other forces, particularly children of martyrs. Their merit is rewarded by a large discount in fees that are too low.

To join AMC as paying cadets to apply for the NUMS test and obtain a form from the corresponding HQ of one of the three armed forces in which your parents are serving or retired. You will be unable to join AMC as a paid cadet unless you submit this form.

Medical Cadets

One thing to keep in mind is that this chance is only available to males. As an MC, no females are chosen (Medical Cadets). To apply, go to the army’s official website and fill out an application. In May or June, students can register for this course.

What is the process for applying?

Online registration to join the Pak army is one of the two ways to apply. If you are unsure how to apply online, bring your paperwork to your nearest Army Selection & Recruitment Centre (AS&RC). You must fill out an application form in order to join the Pak Army. Candidates should read the guidelines before applying.

To join the Pakistan Army as a Medical Cadet, you must meet the following requirements

  • Unmarried applicants are required to apply.
  • Applicants must be Pakistani citizens.
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 21 years old, with a three-month age range in between.
  • The candidate’s weight should correspond to their BMI.
  • The candidate must be between 5′′ and 4′′ tall (162.5 cm)

Education required

  • The applicant must have a minimum grade of C in A-Level or a 70% in FSc (Pre-Medical).
  • Candidates with a 65 percent or higher can apply if they are from Balochistan, Sind (District Tharparkar, Omar Kot), Azad Kashmir (Upper Neelam Valley), Northern Areas, or FATA.
  • Candidates who completed O and A levels must receive an equivalent certificate and mark conversion from the (IBCC), Ministry of Education Islamabad, and submit it with their application.
  • Applicants who completed the first year with a minimum of 70% can apply by presenting a “Hope Certificate.” Your institution might issue you with a Hope Certificate. A week following the 2nd year’s results, you must submit the result card/mark sheet. You will be disqualified if you do not receive at least 70% in your second year.
There are four tests to the selection level
  • There is an ‘initial test,’ first and foremost. This is a cognitive and intellectual test.
  • After passing this test, you will participate in a physical test in which you will perform chin-ups, push-ups, and other exercises to demonstrate your fitness and stamina.
  • The ‘medical test’ comes after this one. CMH conducts a medical examination of you.
  • Finally, the GHQ selection board conducts an ‘interview.’

If you complete all four levels, you will be able to serve in the army while still in AMC. There is a 30,000 scholarship available to you, as well as no MC fee. AMC and MBBS do not require all medical cadets to enroll. They are adjusted in MBBS and BDS depending on their merit. CMH College Multan, Quetta, Khariyan, and Lahore each receive a small number of cadets.

Military education and academics

MBBS: Selected candidates will attend Army Medical College AMC Rawalpindi or Combined Military Hospital CMH Lahore Medical College for five years of training.

BDS: Army Medical College AMC Rawalpindi will provide candidates with a four-year BDS program.

Training: Candidates must complete 22 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at Pakistan Military Academy PMA, Kakul, after completing their MBBS or BDS course.

As a GDMO, SPECS, GDDO, FCPS, and PTC in the PAK army

Other ways to get into the Army as an Army doctor:

  • GDMO
  • GDO
  • PTC


All three Pakistani armed forces, the navy, air force, and army, provide the GDMO training. Anyone who has completed an MBBS degree from a private or public medical college that is registered with the PMDC is eligible to enroll in the GDMO program. You are given the rank of Capt. Doctor and assigned to any CMH when you have been cleared. Keep in mind that only boys who have completed their BDS can apply for GDMO; girls who have completed their MBBS can apply. Between the ages of 28 and 35, you should be.


These are anesthesiologists, pathologists, basic medical scientists, gynecologists (only females), and surgeons who specialize in anesthesia, pathology, basic medical sciences, and gynecology. CAPT. DOCTORS is their official title.


Only males with a BDS degree and an age relaxation of up to 35 years are eligible to apply for GDDO.


Only men over the age of 35 are eligible to apply for the PTC program.


You have the option of joining the Pakistan army as a doctor. By enrolling in the MBBS or BDS programs, you can become a member of this prestigious institution. We have compiled all the essential information you will need to join the Pakistan Army in this article, including the courses, required qualifications, eligibility criteria, and the test you will need to pass.

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