Faisalabad Board 11th Class Result 2024 – By Name, Roll Number and SMS

BISE Faisalabad has announced the 11th class results today. Enter your roll no to check the result here.

Now the result date is out. Board authorities decided to announce the result date now. So now, you can expect on what date they will announce the result.

The boards put a lot of effort into paper checking nowadays. That is why it takes this much time. Even now, papers are being checked. There are a lot of students that are enrolled with BISE Faisalabad. Consequently, it will take a lot of time before the board can announce the result date. This is true for every other board as well. Why do the boards take this much time? We will talk about it further in the blog. So you can expect that here.

In this blog, we will also talk about different methods that you can use to check the 11th class result 2024. We will talk about their merits and demerits. There will be some frequently asked questions as well. But if you have your queries, you are free to use the comments section.

This blog can be taken as a general guide as well. You will learn how you can check your result. But if you already know that, then it is fine as well. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Result11 Class 2024
BoardsBise Faisalabad Board
Total Students61,0000
Result Date 10-October 2024
Result Announcement Time10:00 AM

When will BISE Faisalabad announce the 11th class result?

The Fsc 1st year result for the Faisalabad board will come out in October 2024. The paper checkers are still in the process of checking the papers. There are a lot of things that have to be careful about. For example, they have to check and recheck the papers. They also have to make sure that there are no calculation mistakes. Also, they have to give reasons for why they cut your marks. This is all done to make sure that you do not suffer from any injustice.

In the past, a lot of paper checkers used to do injustice and do formula marking. This is because they are paid per paper for checking. And to make more money in a lesser amount of time, they used to do the unjust marking.

But now this is not the case, they have to give logic behind their marking. This has translated to more marks in matric and Fsc now. In the past years, you can see that there is a jump in the average marks that students score. So this is a good policy. So if you are worried about your result, then you do not have anything to worry about anymore. Because BISE goes to all lengths and measures to make sure you get the result you truly deserve.

BISE Faislabad 11 Class Toppers

Now let’s come to the topper’s result. We all know that toppers work hard to achieve good grades. it takes some extraordinary talent, luck, and hard work to become a board topper. Whether it is 1st position or the 3rd position, it doesn’t matter. To honor their hard work, the board will announce their result the day before. It will be on digital and print media as well. They will also get a ceremony in their name.

How to check the Faisalabad board 11th class result?

Now let’s come to this topic. We understand that there are a lot of people who still do not know how to check their results. But it is okay, we are here to guide you. There are three different ways you can check your result.

  1. Check 1st-year result online by roll number
  2. How to see 11 class results by SMS
  3. Check Fsc 11 class result by gazette

These are different methods that you can use to see your result. Each of these has different merits and demerits. If you want to use any of them for a specific purpose, then the demerits do not matter that much. We will be discussing how to use these methods and also, what are pros and cons of each method are. So, if you had any doubts or confusion, this article will clear things up for you.

Now let’s jump to the details of each method

Check Faisalabad 11th class result Online by Roll Number

This is a very easy method. All you have to do is follow the steps I am about to tell you. The things you will be needing are either a PC or a smartphone and a good internet connection. If you do not have these things then this method is not for you. You can use some other methods. But for this, you can follow these simple steps

  1. Result online by roll number
  2. Check the result by SMS on your phone
  3. See the result by using a gazette

The Internet has made our lives very comfortable. Things have been digitalized now. Back in the day, you didn’t have these facilities. But now, in this age of digitalization, you can check your result with just a single click. You get many benefits when searching for results online. But there are some disadvantages as well. It all depends on your priorities.


You can search for as many results as you want. The only cost is that of the MBs. And it is not like it costs that much data. You get other benefits as well

Another advantage of this method is that you can check your detailed marks. This is an exclusive thing of this method. You cannot check your detailed marks with any other method like this. Before this, you could only know how many marks you scored after you received your Detailed Marks Sheet from college.


A lot of students try to check their results on that day. Consequently, the website slows down, But you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Just wait it out. Eventually, the website will be back online and you will able able to view your result. The website may crash as well but this is also due to this huge amount of traffic.

Check your Faisalabad 11th Class result by SMS

This is the method you should use if you do not have an internet connection. Preferably, I would choose the method I described before, but one cannot simply do that if the internet connection is just too slow. In this condition, this method works well. Although it has a lot of cons, it is the only way left when you do not have a gazette file or an internet connection.

Following are some simple steps that you can follow for this method

  • Open your phone’s messenger app
  • Type your roll number
  • Send the number given by your relevant board
  • Wait for a reply

Just like before, it has different pros and cons. Let’s discuss them now


The major advantage is that when you do not have an internet connection. If your internet connection is not working, then you can simply send an SMS to the code provided by your board. After some time, you will get a reply that will have your marks. You can check many results from it only if you are ready to bear the cost of the SMS.

Another advantage is that you can check your result without any tension. Back in the day when even this method was not available, you had to go to people who had the gazette file. You had to pay them money for checking your result. But now with a lesser amount of money, you can check your result via SMS.


There is a lot of waiting involved. It is a stroke of luck if you get the SMS quickly. Otherwise, there is a long waiting. Sometimes you even have to wait for more than 30 minutes to check your result. This is because a lot of students are checking the result at the same time. And the servers cannot handle this much data. Sadly, the boards have not done anything about it yet. But it is expected that things will become better in the future.

This SMS also costs you some mobile balance from your account. So, you have to be ready to bear this cost. So, there is a limit to how many results you can check using this method. But if you want to check many results, then the method I am about to discuss now is for you.

Check the result by Downloading the 11th class result gazette

You can use this method to see the results of a large number of students. A gazette is a compilation of the results of all the schools of the BISE. So, you can see your result and also compare it with other students. You can use this method as follows and check your result via gazette

  • Open the gazette file
  • Press CTRL+F
  • Type your roll number
  • Press ENTER key
  • Your result will be highlighted

You can also use your name but this is less accurate and time-consuming


In this article, we talked about when board authorities are going to announce the 11 class result. They are going to do it in October 2024. We also discussed different methods you can use to check your result. So there is that for people who didn’t know how to do it. In the end, I just want to say that if you are worried about your result, then keep in mind that a single thing like this cannot decide whether you have a good future or not. These things depend on how much effort you put in life, regardless of what you are doing.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs  

How can I check my result online?

You can do that by going to the board’s official website. And then follow the steps you talked about in the article.

What time the result will be announced?

The result will be announced by 11 am.

Can I apply for rechecking?

Yes, you can do that. But it is more like re-counting than rechecking. Only those questions will be checked which are left out, and that possibility is very low.

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