Entry Test Mcqs For Engineering With Answers [ Updated 2021 ]

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The entry test is the key factor for your enrollment in Engineering universities, so everyone wanted to get admission to the best and top university, so here we discuss the Entry Test Mcqs For Engineering With Answers for your best ECAT Test preparation.

The Entry Test MCQs having 5-parts like physic, chemistry, English, and math, do you know criteria for subjects marks that’s mention below…


A good step doing from our team to brainstorming of the FSc students for entry test preparation MCQs, So, we are trying our best to encourage you, quality date providing you.

Entry Test Mcqs For Engineering With Answers

Dear students as all of you know that today is Technolgy & modern time, so you get a lot of knowledge just in one click, so do you want uet entry test preparation online.


So, as we describe all four main subjects mcqs as sample such as chemistry MCQs for entry test, math entry test  MCQs, ecat English mcqs & physic best entry test mcqs.

Questions ABCD
The volume occupied by 1.4g CO at S.T.P is22.4 dm32.24 dm31.12 dm31.12 cm3
A safe and more reliable method for drying the crystal is Vacuum desiccatorFolds of filter paperOvenHot air currents
The most paramagnetic element isIronCobaltMagnesium Chromium
Industrial materials thermal power stations are coated withPolyvinyl chloride Epoxy paintspolyamide resinsEpoxy Paints
Chlorination of water may be harmful if the water containsDissolved oxygenCarbon dioxideAmmoniaAll
Where The Engadin Valley is located?PortugalTurkeySwitzerlandEgypt
What is the synonym of “adipose”?MajorFattyLiquidWeighty
To set one’s face against ?To look at one steadilyTo get out of difficultyTo judge by appearanceTo oppose with determination
“Like a sitting duck” meaning?ignorentlazysleepyfat
Both ice and water has chemical compositionsdifferentsamealmost same nearly same
Hall effect shows that majority of current carriers in a metal should behloeselectronspositrons none of these
Unstable particles heavier than protons areleptonsstrange particleshyperons k-meons
In class A amplifiers, current load flows forhalf-cycle of the signalone-fourth cycle of the signalfull-cycle of the signalAll
The points of units angular magnification in a lens assembly areconjugate pointsfocal points
principal pointsnodal points
Who is known as father of Geometry? Pythagoras kepler NewtonEuclid
What is 2+2÷2×2-2?2-210
If 25 men can eat 150 kg of wheat in 30 days then 45 men can eat 450 kg of wheat in how many days?15 days20 days30 days50 days
The true discount on Rs. 2562 due 4 months hence is Rs. 122. The rate percent is?13%14%15%16%
1 inch is equal to ?2.4 cm2 cm2.60 cm2.54 m

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The main question here arising; how to prepare ECAT Test 2021, then it depends upon your hard work because nowadays the situation of our country is not very good, means everything will be canceled or delayed due to COVID-19, So if you want to study online and Downloads PDF.

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