CTI Jobs 2022 Punjab Govt. Colleges [ Update ]

If you have any questions, confusion about CTI jobs that’s how to apply, what is the procedure, how to prepare, someone applies for different districts or not, what are CTI job salary, and many more questions that are arising in your mind.

Note: The Punjab Board will Announce 2nd year result 2022 on 20th of October

CTI Lectureship Jobs

These Cti Jobs are again announced because recently Punjab Government has been allowing all colleges in Punjab( Colleges List Of All Punjab Districts, Scroll Down ) to started BS-Programs. So for this Step, these jobs are announced, also FSC level jobs that’s are mention in below Both Advertisement.

Basic Information about CTI jobs

  1. Introduction
  2. Internship
  3. Salary/Stipend


  •   How to Apply for CTI jobs
  •   Criteria of CTI jobs
  •    Walk-in-interview

Punjab Complete Details

The Punjab Government has been announced many rounds about 400 colleges teachers’ jobs in this next month January that is approved by Punjab CM( Usman Khan Buzdar ).

As all of you know CTI jobs will be coming every year in all district of Punjab, And you all of know that what is CTI jobs? How To apply and What Merit Criteria ??

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First, all of you know that what is CTI jobs, so CTI means College Teacher Internship Jobs. As this will be just an internship, not a permanent job. As many industries and companies give internship programs consist of 6-months, 8-months, 1-year, 2-year, etc.But not permanent.

So one will be the private college teacher if he got this internship. The Government of Punjab has been announced these CTI jobs every year from all districts of Punjab.

AS you know this will be private jobs like an internship, not a permanent job. This will be valid for a fixed duration for example if the CTI internship will be 8-month, then you work just 8-month in that college where you’re appointed.

The stipend or Salary of this CTI job will be fixed 45,000 Rs per month. But keep in mind the salary given by Govt. not every month, but you got after your internship a total of 08 months’ salary.

Because these CTI jobs will be internship jobs, so it will be a short time duration. So according to the new policy, The duration will be 08-months.

Note: Age will be no limited

District Wise

Here in this section, I will describe all the cities of Punjab, it means that I wanna tell you about cti jobs for each and every city, then its will be become easy for you to choosing your city-based cti jobs, so keep with us and read this article fully.

  • CTI Jobs in Lahore
  • CTI Jobs in Multan
  • CTI Jobs in Faisalabad
  • CTI Jobs in DG Khan
  • CTI Jobs in Sialkot
  • CTI Jobs Sargodha
  • CTI Jobs in Rawalpindi
  • CTI Jobs in Bhawalpur
  • CTI Jobs in Rajanpur
  • CTI Jobs in Laya
  • CTI Jobs in Muzaffargarh
  • CTI Jobs in Chichawatni
  • CTI Jobs in Kot-Adu
  • CTI Jobs in Rahim Yar khan

How To Apply

The method of applying for CTI jobs is so simple when these jobs announced and you go to your nearest city college and submitted your documents and CV in due date with cti application, here below I will be given the application sample that’s are filling and giving required data with documents.


cti jobs

  • First, all of you need to fill up this above ☝️☝️ cti application form with fully carefully & concentration and submitted this application with your documents at the time of cti jobs applying.
  •  Then you go to your city college or any college from any district if you have belonged to any district, does not matter
  • When CTI jobs come, then the notice will be placed on the College notice board, you visit your college.
  • From visiting, you got information about which subject vacancy will be empty and how many
  • If the vacancy will be empty of your specialist subject, then you can apply, otherwise not.
  • Both Arts/Science will be applying for CTI jobs
  • For applying, you submitted your Documents and CV to your city college where you want to the internship.
  • Then the Head of the College giving an interview, and after this, merit will be display. Maybe the test will be held in the interview if more candidates.


The  Criteria of these CTI Jobs will be the minimum Master’s degree in Specialist Subject.

Minimum Qualification: Master ( 2nd Division )

  • For Science: Master in ( Physic, Math, Chemistry, Biology, etc…)
  • For Arts: Master in ( Urdu, English, Islamiat, Arabic, Social Study, etc ….)


  1. Education Qualification                                85
  2. MS/MPhil                                                         05
  3. position Holders(University/Board)          05
  4. Interview Marks                                              05

                      TOTAL Marks                               100   


  • 1st Division                                                    05 Marks
  • 2nd Division                                                  03
  • 3rd Division                                                   02

CTI Walk-In-Interview

The last step will be the walk-in interview when the vacancy will remain in that college where you apply. The date of the walk-in-interview will also be mentioned in the advertisement. Then you go to your college for the interview.

The Interview consists of the test, then making merit if more than one candidate will be applicable. So the college head and management or community giving the test to each candidate, then they finalize the candidates of the specialist subject if the vacancy will be available.

Here posted a sample advertisement of CTI jobs, but it will be cti advertisement, I will upload the advertisement officially announced, so you can read it carefully, and follow the following steps for applying for cti jobs

cti college jobs


Q.1 Is there any issue of domicile and can we apply in other districts??

Ans= Yes, Domicil will be very Necessary for applying in cti jobs in 2020, but there will be no restrictions for the district, mean you can apply to any district and no limited. Mean you can also apply for your district colleges and you can also apply in other district colleges.

Q.2 Percentage or Division will be counted to making merit criteria??

Ans= A.c to the Division Rule

Q.3 Interview Marks will be Counted or Not??

Ans= Yes, 5 Marks will be counted

Q.4 BS. Hons, MBA, M.com can be Apply for CTI jobs??

Ans= Yes, all of you could be eligible and apply, so go to your city and nearest colleges for getting more information like is a vacancy of your relevant subject available or not??

Q.5 Result awaiting could be eligible or not ??

Ans= No, you are not eligible and applicable if your degree will continue, not be completed. After completion of your Master’s degree or Equivalent then You are applicable, otherwise not.

Q.6 Which degree is most important for merit calculation??

Ans= Minimum Master degree or Equivalent BS- 4 years degree with 2nd division eligible of both Arts & Science category. It consists of 55/100 Marks


The submission of the application process will be started from & this process will continue for 10 to 15 days for submitting your cti application and documents then after that interview will be started. So be prepared by physically & mentally

You read this article fully by concentrated, then all of you will be able to understand every point which is related to CTI Jobs. So if you have any confusion/question/suggestion/idea then comment below or Contact us.

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