Budget 2023-24: Attractive Salary Packages BPS-01 to BPS-22 Employees

Are you a government worker in Pakistan who is looking forward to the Budget 2023–24? We now have some noteworthy news to share with you. Recent sources claim that staff in the BPS 1 to BPS 22 range may soon get enticing wage proposals. Imagine the opportunities if your pay rose by 20%, 30%, or even 50%!

That’s not all, though. A hefty 20% boost in pensions for retired government employees is also included in the proposed budget, along with improvements to allowances, perks, and even pensions themselves.


Grade Existing Rate of Hiring Allowance Proposed Rate
BPS-01 to BPS-02 Rs.6,991 Rs.13,182
BPS-03 to BPS-06 Rs.9,654 Rs.18,672
BPS-07 to BPS-10 Rs.14,982 Rs.29,365
BPS-11 to BPS-13 Rs.21,462 Rs.42,924
BPS-14 to BPS-16 Rs.27,134 Rs.54,260
BPS-17 to BPS-18 Rs.35,896 Rs.71,996
BPS-19 Rs.46,816 Rs.93,632
BPS-20 Rs.59,079 Rs.1,18,158
BPS-21 Rs.71,107 Rs.1,42,208
BPS-22 Rs.89,230 Rs.1,78,460


Want to learn more? Continue reading to learn more about these attractive wage packages and how they work to relieve the burden on both seniors and government workers.

Salary Increases for Government Employees

The finance minister is actively working on the budget to guarantee adequate funding distribution to various departments. The level of inflation and the nation’s financial health determines the planned pay increases.

In a recent meeting, the Cabinet unanimously approved a 20% increase in benefits for all retired government employees, emphasizing the need to help this deserving population group.

The compensation for officers of all ranks, including ad hoc relief allowances, has also been suggested for increase. These suggestions are meant to address the growing cost of living and give financial relief to government workers who are struggling financially.

Enhancements in Allowances and Benefits

The proposed budget prioritizes boosting government employees’ perks, allowances, and wage increases. It is anticipated that Medical Allowance and transportation Allowance will be increased to 100% of their current levels to ensure enhanced availability of healthcare and alleviate commuting costs.


Proposed Packages of Increase in Adhoc Allowance
Allowances Percent increase
Adhoc allowance 20
Medical 100
Conveyances 100
Pensions 20


Additionally, the budget increases the Rental Ceiling for Hiring Accommodation and improves House Rent Allowance (HRA), substantially reducing the financial strain on employees.

Positive Outlook for Pensioners

The proposed budget calls for a notable 20% increase in pensions in recognition of the significant contributions made by retired government employees.

This boost is intended to give seniors who have devoted their lives to public service some much-needed respite. The government wants to respect their devotion and commitment by improving their financial situation.

Efforts to Alleviate Inflationary Pressures

Officials are working to resolve these concerns through the budget allocation process. The finance ministry is fully aware of the financial difficulties that the government departments experience.

The administration has extended working hours and is actively trying to guarantee the best allocation of resources for the well-being of employees and retirees, notwithstanding the current economic climate.

The Cabinet has requested further sessions to fine-tune the budget and make the required modifications after considering the requests and recommendations made by government employees.

Final Approval and Announcement

They will reveal the final plan on June 9th, 2023. And there is a lot of expectation among government workers. Everyone expects these changes to improve the quality of life of many retired government officials.

The 20% rise proposed for pensioners also gives retired government workers hope and comfort.


With attractive compensation packages, the Budget 2023–24 offers government employees in Pakistan a positive outlook.

As the final approval approaches, employees and pensioners anxiously anticipate the news on June 9, 2023. They hope for a good change and increased financial security.

The government aspires to establish a prosperous environment that supports the development, productivity, and general well-being of its devoted workforce.

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