BISE Peshawar SLO Examination System 2023

Education is the basis of any society’s development, which is why we observe that the west has progressed so much. They emphasized their education system and birthed many intellectuals. This is what Pakistan aims to do as well. But how the educational boards work and how the students are evaluated. They feel more rewarded if they cram their syllabus rather than understand the concepts.

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That is why BISE Peshawar has announced SLO-based testing for the 9th class in 2023. What is SLO-based testing? What is its purpose, and what are its specific details? In this article, we will try to answer some of these questions.

We also Updated the Matric Date Sheet 2023 As Well As the 2nd Year date Sheet 2023 of the All Educational Board.

What is SLO-based Testing? – Purpose of Student learning outcome-based learning

As we all know, the education system in the world is becoming more advanced each day. If you look at the education and testing system of the West, they value critical thinking in their kids. They reward it by evaluating their critical thinking through tests. This is what’s missing in our education system. While they are valuing thinkers and intellectuals, we are rewarding crammers. Hence, we see that our graduates are not valued in the West and must pass their evaluations before working there.

That is why BISE Peshawar has announced that the 9th class exams will be based on the SLO system to improve things from the basics. You can download the model papers online. BISE Peshawar has asked the private and public sectors to prepare students according to this testing model. In this model, they will evaluate knowledge and conceptual clarity, with more emphasis on the concepts.

If you want to learn more about this system, then continue reading.

Different levels in SLO-based tests

There are different levels in SLO-based tests, each testing a certain aspect of the students. We will talk about cognitive levels in this article. The board has also advised that each paper should have a certain difficulty level. For this, they have given protocols as well. You will be able to see everything if you read the sections below.

Cognitive level

The cognitive level is divided into three parts

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Application

From there, you can see that the board also focuses on the understanding and application aspects rather than complete attention to the knowledge aspect. Maybe we will finally see that students are clearing their concepts more. Each aspect has a different weightage in different subjects. We will clear this in a table at the end of the following section.


Cognitive (%)
Subjects K U A
Islamiat Elective 35.8 59 5.2
Computer Science 30 40 4
English 20 40 40
Urdu 30 50 20
Islamiat Compulsory 42.5 50 7.5
Physics 26 54 20
Chemistry 26 56 18
Biology 23 59 18





Difficulty level

Questions can be in the following difficulty level.

  1. Easy
  2. Moderate
  3. Difficult

The papers will be designed so that the students will have to study hard if they want to pass the exam. At the same time, students will have to work harder if they want to score higher. Coupled with this and the different cognitive levels, the teachers will start preparing the students differently. Maybe now, our education system will start getting better.

The following table is for the Difficulty level


Difficulty (%)
Subjects E M D
Islamiat Elective 34.7 53.9 11.4
Computer Science 40 50 10
English 27 40 33
Urdu 30 50 20
Islamiat Compulsory 33.6 50 16.4
Physics 25.9 48.1 18.5
Chemistry 33.3 48.1 18.5
Biology 33.3 48.1 18.5






It is important that teachers encourage learning concepts rather than cramming the content. The table above shows that knowledge and its application are more important than direct knowledge. This means that our education system is finally going in the right direction. Is this going to be revolutionary? Yes, but it will take time, and we must constantly evaluate this system to reach perfection.

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