BISE Peshawar 12 Class Result 2023 – Check By Name & Roll No

The Peshawar board has announced the 12th class result date. Bise will declare the result on 3 October 2023. Students can expect the result to be declared by 10 am or onwards. This is going to be a long time to wait. Students took their exams in July but they have to wait till October to get their results. This is because paper checkers are still doing their job.

Checking so many papers on the Peshawar board is not a walk in the park. Thousands of students are registered with BISE Peshawar. Paper checkers have to make sure that the result is free of any sort of mistake. So, they are taking this much time.

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BISE Peshawar

Checkers are spending this much time because it is actually a process that takes a lot of time. It is no doubt that they get paid for each paper that they check. So, they have to be meticulous about it. Hence, the students can do nothing but wait patiently right now. We can understand that your further academic career depends on this result. But you also have to understand that these things take time.

So, students have to wait patiently for the result and focus their energies on other positive things.

But now, let’s jump right into the next section of the blog. And in this next section, we will read about how to check the result.

How to check Result?

You can check your results in three different ways. These are as follows.

  1. Check your result by using SMS
  2. Get your 12 Class results online
  3. See your result via a gazette

You can see that there are different methods that you can use to check your result. If one method doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t matter. You can always go for something else.

In the next sections, we will talk about each method in detail. Now, we understand that there might be students who do not know how to check the 12th class result. It is okay to not know a lot of things. However, what is not okay is staying the way you are. So, if you are here reading this article, then it is a good thing. It means that you are a lifelong learner, which is a trait that every successful person in this world has.

You will get these different updates and notifications from time to time. All you have to do is bookmark us and be a regular visitor of our website.

BISE Peshawar Result online

This is the age of digitalization and the internet has made everything quite convenient. This is no different for this case as well. As you may have guessed from this line, what you need for this method is a good internet connection. Once you are connected, you should follow these simple steps that I am about to tell you to check your 12th-grade result

  • Go to the BISE Peshawar website
  • Type your roll number in the search bar
  • Press the ENTER key
  • Your detailed mark sheet will appear on the website.

This was just a matter of minutes, wasn’t it?

Check result by SMS

If you do not have an internet connection, then do not worry at all. You just need to have a simple cellphone. Once you have it, then follow these steps.

  • Find your phone’s messaging app
  • Type your roll number
  • Send this SMS to 8583
  • Wait for the reply.

After some time, you will get a reply that will contain your obtained marks out of the total marks. Just keep in mind that this was not for free. And you can only check one result at a time.

How to check BISE Peshawar result using my name?

You can also check your result using your name. Although I will not recommend it personally, you can do that by using a gazette. Once you have the gazette file, you can follow the simple instructions that I am about to give you.

  • Download the PDF file of the gazette.
  • Press CTRL + F
  • In the search bar that will appear, write your roll number or your full name.
  • Press ENTER key
  • Your roll number or name will be highlighted depending on what you wrote in the search bar.

This technique is suitable for you if you want to have a list of all the results of our friends and family who took the test in the same year. Hence, it is an absolute gold mine for teachers.


We told you about the result date in this article. You have to keep in mind that this time is very important to you. You should learn new skills or research universities that you want to apply for admission to. But worrying about the result and getting stressed about it will only bring harm to your mental health. You must have a sound mind and a sound body to be able to work properly in your academic career. Hence, do not put so much emphasis on this thing, and take a chill pill!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check BISEP results?

You can use the different methods that we have discussed in this article. We have written about the following methods

  1. Check result online
  2. Get Fsc to result by SMS
  3. Check your result by gazette

Is the Peshawar Board result announced?

Yes, they have announced the result date. It will come out on 3 October 2023

How do I check my DMC SMS?

You cannot get your DMC by SMS. However, you can get your obtained marks out of the total marks using this method.

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