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You are here reading about 12 class guess papers in 2023. This means that you know the importance of guess papers. On top of that, you still have the thirst to score better than anyone in our class. Your coming here proves you have what it takes to be the best.

I am sure you are well aware of the guess papers. But for those who do not know, worry not; I will explain later in this blog post.

Guess papers are a great way to prepare for the final exams, especially when the board keeps repeating the same questions or paper pattern.

We also updated the 2nd year Date Sheet 2023 and 12 Class Pairing 2023 Scheme. At the same time, 12 Class 2nd Annual Result will be updated soon.

Further in this post, we will discuss how you can get these guess papers. You can also create your guess papers, But we will come to that later. For now, let’s start the blog.

12 Class guess paper 2023

As you already know, guess papers give you an idea about paper patterns, the distribution of marks, and the overall mood of the examiner.

Working smartly will give you an edge over the other students here. What you should do is you should use these guess papers to your advantage. 12 classes are no joke. These scores will decide whether you are going to get admission to your desired medical college or not.

Hence, these strategies will help you. Students should try to solve these guess papers in a limited time and treat them like they are board final exams.

Many academies use these guess papers as a viable strategy to prepare their students. In different interviews, board toppers and position holders admitted that they practiced using guess papers.

Hence, it is a good thing that you are exploring this idea. You are on the right track.

Where to find 12 class guess papers

It is easy to find guess papers nowadays. You can find them in book centers and stationery shops. But remember that many students tend to buy these during exams.

There is a strong chance that many guess papers will go out of stock. So, think proactively and buy them beforehand. But if these papers go out of stock, you can also find them online.

These are just some of the places where you can find guess papers. But what if I told you that you could create your guess paper?

You can create a guess paper yourself.

Yeah, you heard that right. You can create a guess paper yourself. Just follow these steps, and you are done creating a list of questions with the maximum probability of being asked in the final exam.

  1. First, select a subject that you want to target. For example, physics.
  2. Then, buy BISE past papers of 12-class physics from the market.
  3. After this, you shall have the pairing scheme of physics
  4. Through pairing schemes, you can narrow down the chapters you want to target
  5. Using the past papers, start making a list of questions from the chapters you have targeted.
  6. Most questions are asked repeatedly, so mark them with a start of any sign each time they are repeated.
  7. The more the number of stars, the more important that question is.

And the end of this exercise, you will have a list of questions from your selected chapters. These questions are the ones that are asked again and again in the board exams.

This is your guess paper. I assure you that this number will not be more than 20 for long questions. Imagine getting a list of 20 questions that can guarantee you full marks. And I assure you that these questions will indeed be asked in the exams. You can count on me.

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Final words

Now that you know this strategy, it is time to go out and check it out yourself. I wish someone had told me about such a thing in my time. One of our viewers from this website tested this once, and the difference was there.

That student had secured 75/100 marks in 11th class chemistry but scored 98 the following year because he used this technique. So, if you want such an enormous change in your performance, test it out now.

Some questions students ask a lot.

Do questions repeat in the board exams?

Yes, there are a lot of questions that are asked repeatedly. Just see for yourself.

How important is a guess paper?

Guess papers give you an idea about the paper pattern and the marks distribution. If you foreguess such things, you can get into the exam with a preplanned strategy. It just saves a lot of time on the exam.

Where can I get past papers?

You can get past papers from your local bookshop

How can I get an A grade in the exam?

You can score well by working smartly. For example, you should use guess papers and past papers to prepare your final exam

Are guess papers enough?

No, they arent. You have to solidify your concepts first before using such tactics. The whole thing we explained in this article shall be done in the final days of preparation.

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