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If anyone tells you that preparing for board exams is hard, they do not know about the 11-class pairing scheme. Simply put, the pairing scheme is the paper pattern. But it isn’t the normal paper pattern that you usually see. This pattern tells you the pairing scheme of questions

For example, a pairing scheme of Physics tells you that long question number 6 will contain two parts, where part A will contain a question from chapter 2 while part B will contain a numerical one that will come from chapter 5. I am sure you are not hearing this for the first time because your mind is blown if you are. the 11 class date sheet is updated.

11 Class pairing Scheme 2024

In this article section, I will tell you about the pairing scheme. A pairing scheme is something the board gives to the paper setter so that they can make a test paper according to that plan. Each year, they do that so that there is uniformity in the final exams. Usually, teachers who set papers tell students about these pairing schemes a month or two before the exams. Now whether they are supposed to disclose this information to the students is debatable. But the thing is, they do that. Now, if they are doing this, this is a golden opportunity for the students to get the maximum out of it. I will tell you how

Right now, the pairing scheme isn’t announced. Teachers will disclose the pairing schemes for different subjects a month before the exams. So if the exams are set to happen in June 2023, students can get the pairing schemes in May 2023.

If you know the scheme, then you can prepare accordingly. Hypothetically speaking, you already know 5 long questions will come from 10 out of 14 chapters. This eliminates 4 chapters when you are preparing for the long questions. Then, the board gives you a choice to skip 2 long questions. You only have to attempt 3. So, this leaves you with 6 chapters. 4 more are out of the race. Hence, where you were supposed to study 10 chapters for long questions, now you will study 6 according to their pairing. Isn’t this great? This increases a student’s efficiency when preparing for the exams and their chance to score well in their exams.

But what if I told you that you could enhance the practicality of this pairing scheme and ensure getting 95% marks in a subject? Read the next section to learn about it.

How to use a pairing scheme?

Yeah, you heard that right. You can ensure getting 90%+ marks in a subject. All you have to do is use past papers with this pairing scheme. Past papers give you the data of questions that already repeat. So from the targetted 6 chapters, you will get the list of questions that have the HIGHEST probability to be asked in the final exam. Isn’t that crazy? You practically have a guess paper in your hands.

Parting thoughts

Having a pairing scheme is pretty useful for your preparation. And if you couple that with past papers, you can ensure maximum marks. We will update the 11th-class pairing scheme whenever we get it. So keep visiting our website for the latest news and notifications.

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